Strategic Plan 2027

  • Welcome! An exciting new effort is underway in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools to create our Strategic Plan 2027.

    Progress Report (May 2022) Strategic Plan Progress Report and Public Feedback Sessions: On May 3, CHCCS held two virtual Public Feedback sessions for our Strategic Plan 2027. The sessions were to update the community on the strategic planning process, draft vision and goals of CHCCS, and an opportunity for public feedback. 

    Progress Report (March 2022): Please use this link to see a March 2022 report on the CHCCS Equity Audit, which is being used to inform our strategic planning. The equity audit engaged CHCCS stakeholders in a community-wide survey as well as focus groups of CHCCS stakeholders. Moving forward, we will closely analyze school and district data, and review/revise policies and curriculum resources to address key findings in the report. 

     WATCH this video for an introduction to this important community project:


  • What’s included in a Strategic Plan? CHCCS will keep equity at the center of all that we do, and we will develop a data-driven culture to identify, then close, existing achievement and opportunity gaps. The last time CHCCS embarked on a strategic planning process was in 2018, for a plan that expires at the end of this calendar year.

    Equity Audit: Click here to see the CHCCS Equity Audit report, completed in March 2022. The equity audit engaged CHCCS stakeholders in a community-wide survey (December 2021-January 2022) as well as focus groups. This report will allow CHCCS and its community stakeholders to closely analyze school and district data, policies and curriculum resources as we finalize the overall Strategic Plan.

    Other ways to get involved! There were four Stakeholder Engagement Sessions on Feb. 8 and 9. It was an opportunity to shape the direction of our schools for years to come. The virtual forums provided a space to share opinions, concerns and suggestions for where we are going as a school district – and how we can succeed in that journey. See the recordings from all four sessions here.

    What else? The day-to-day development of a draft Strategic Plan will be handled by CHCCS administrators, who will direct the work of what we call a “steering committee”. The steering committee will play a critical role in drafting our new strategic plan. Its members (approximately 40 individuals who represent the district, schools, and a variety of community stakeholder groups) will generously volunteer their time as valuable thought partners in determining our district’s key priorities and how to achieve them. The progress of the steering committee will be shared publicly throughout the process, up to and including when we ask the CHCCS Board of Education to approve Strategic Plan 2027 this spring.

    Goals for Strategic Plan 2027

    • Develop new Vision and Mission statements.

    • Share findings from the Equity Audit.

    • Develop a ‘portrait of a graduate’, which is often defined as the overall knowledge, skills and attributes that will prepare our students for life after high school.

    • By June 2022, unveil priorities and goals to the Board of Education and our Community.

    Stay tuned for additional information, along with ways to get involved or to just stay in the know! 

    Nyah D. Hamlett, Ed. D.

    Brandy Reeves
    Chief of Staff and School Leadership

    Rodney Trice, Ed. D.
    Chief Equity and Engagement Officer

    Andy Jenks
    Chief Communications Officer