Collaboration with Schools

Within the schools, Social Workers provide consultation to individual teachers, administrators, and PLCs regarding students whose outside experiences impact their performance and/or behaviors in school. We respond to crises such as suicidal statements, suspicion of child abuse or neglect, and domestic violence. We are responsible for ensuring students attend school consistently by tracking attendance, addressing truancy concerns, and working to decrease the drop out rate.

We also work on and often lead school teams such as Equity, PBIS, and Safe Schools to address individual student needs as well as develop school-wide strategies to meet the needs of all students, increase student achievement, and work towards closing the achievement gap. Social Workers play an instrumental role on Student Support Teams across the district with Social Workers chairing five SST committees and serving as members on seven other teams. We work collaboratively with other schools to transition students from school to school and from one level to the next (e.g., Pre-K to Elementary, Middle School to High School). This attention to smooth transitions ensures that our most fragile learners receive consistent support and do not fall through the cracks.