The AVID program at all middle and high schools in the district encompasses: 
  • the expectation that AVID students enroll in rigorous classes such as honors and advanced courses
  • supports through an academic elective class taught within the school day by trained AVID teachers.
  • a daily AVID elective class at each grade level 6-12 with a weekly tutorial where students work through questions and points of confusion
  • partnerships with local organizations, UNC-CH, and groups for guest speakers, student support, and more

Academic Support 

Our academic support for students includes:
  • writing, reading and inquiry-based curriculum that helps students understand content that is complex, ambiguous, provocative and personally or emotionally challenging.
  • individual and collaborative instruction.
  • PSAT/SAT preparation.
  • college planning and preparation.
  • inquiry-based tutorials
  • study skills: organization, time management, test taking, note-taking and vocabulary building.
  • close monitoring of students' academic progress in all classes.


Middle School: 

The AVID Summer Bridge Programs are designed to strengthen students’ math and skills and to increase the number of students who enroll and succeed in advanced math pathways courses. Summer courses are determined based on student need for acceleration in the students' course sequence. This program will operate at no cost to families and students. 

Example: A current 6th grade AVID student in Math 6 seeking to be accelerated to Advanced Math 7 in the upcoming school year would enroll in the Advanced Math 7 Summer Bridge Course. The bridge course will focus on standards and skills needed to be successful in the Advance Math 7 course but that were not included in Math 6. 

Social Support

In addition to providing academic assistance, AVID has many social supports in place for students:
  • peer groups geared toward high academic success.
  • AVID teachers who consistently communicate high expectations for all students, advocate for them, and communicate with school staff and parents in their behalf.
  • attention to students' personal, social and emotional needs.
  • AVID Site Teams that support AVID students and promote the program school-wide.
  • A dedicated guidance counselor who works with AVID students
  • study trips, guest speakers, family workshops and motivational activities.

Program Standards

To ensure quality, all AVID Programs operate under 11 certification standards known as the AVID Essentials.
  • AVID student selection must focus on students who are "in the middle", with academic potential, who would benefit from AVID support to improve their academic record and begin college preparation. 
  • AVID program participants, both students and staff, must be voluntary participants.
  • The school must be committed to full implementation of the AVID program, with the AVID elective class available during the regular academic school day
  • AVID students must be enrolled in a rigorous course of study that will enable them to meet requirements for university enrollment.
  • A strong, relevant writing and reading curriculum must provide the basis for instruction in the AVID elective class.
  • Inquiry must be used as a basis for instruction in the AVID classroom.  
  • Collaboration must be used as a basis for instruction in the AVID classroom.  
  • A sufficient number of trained tutors must be available in the AVID class to facilitate student access to rigorous curriculum.
  • AVID program implementation and student progress must be monitored through the AVID Data System, and results must be analyzed to ensure success.
  • The school and district must identify resources for program costs, agree to participate in the AVID Certification process and commit to ongoing participation in AVID staff development.
  • An active interdisciplinary site team must collaborate on issues of students' access to and success in rigorous college-preparatory courses.