Hour of Code

Posted by Lee Ann Gelinne on 4/19/2018

Hour of Code

Hour of code logo C O D E

Hour of Code is the first week of December, but you can try it any time. Not convinced coding is for you? Check out this year's video.

             Video of Steph Curry participating in coding.

Spend a hour trying out some fun coding activities at Hour of Code. Choose your grade level and choose whether you are a beginner or are fairly comfortable with coding basics. Then choose from the options on your screen - Star Wars, Minecraft, Pac-Man, Moana and  many more! Ready, set, CODE!

You can also do some coding with Khan Academy and atCodeHS. Middle and high school students can design an app with App Lab. If you are ready to take the next step when you leave the hospital, look for a coding class in your area.

Technology Essential Standards K-8.TT.1, HS.TT.1.1-3