Ashylah “Avi” Foster, 11th grade student at Phoenix Academy High

Posted by CHCCS on 5/30/2024 7:00:00 AM

Avi Foster

Congratulations to Ashylah “Avi” Foster, an 11th grade student at Phoenix Academy High School, today’s CHCCS CHAMPion! Avi was nominated by Coordinator for Student Leadership and Engagement, Lorie Clark. “Ashylah ‘Avi’ has been a shining star in our student equity spaces. She serves as one of the Superintendent's Equity & Empathy Ambassadors and is an MSAN scholar. She has served in this capacity for the last two years and is the only representative from Phoenix Academy (PAHS). Avi represents PAHS well and is not afraid to speak her voice even when she has to stand alone. Her ideas are concise, thoughtful, and powerful. Avi stands with conviction and passionately speaks her truth. Dr. Dixon recently shared that she holds him accountable by reporting back, sharing ideas, and diligently looking for opportunities to improve the school culture and identify new student leaders. She also serves on Phoenix's student government council.


“Avi represented the district at the annual MSAN Student Conference in Wisconsin. She was the only representative from Phoenix but that didn't deter her from bonding with her CHCCS peers, getting to know numerous scholars from other MSAN districts, AND participating in the talent show. I've had an opportunity to get to know her and she is humorous, caring, compassionate, and focused on being a servant leader and advocate. We are grateful to have her on our teams and look forward to her continued voice and vision to shake things up.”