Baylor High, an EC Teacher at FPG Bilingüe Elementary

Posted by CHCCS on 6/8/2023 7:00:00 AM

Baylor High

Congratulations to Baylor High, an EC teacher at Frank Porter Graham Bilingüe Elementary, today’s CHCCS CHAMPion! Baylor was nominated by CHCCS parent, Barbara Hall, and by Judit Dorado-Zimo, a fellow EC teacher at FPGB.

Barbara shared, “Ms. High has ensured the success of our son, Justin Hall, this year. Justin has autism, and Ms. High has helped in several ways.

“Justin was having trouble safely transitioning from the car to the classroom in the morning. He tried to run into traffic to ‘catch’ us on several occasions. Ms. High developed an incentive involving planets (Justin loves space!) and worked with us to develop a transition plan that begins in the car, then Ms. High greets Justin every morning at the car and walks Justin to class.

“In addition, Ms. High worked with staff to develop a plan to help Justin grow accustomed to eating lunch at school. Justin now experiences ‘Tray Tuesday’ where he eats lunch at school. Ms. High practiced with Justin and now sends home choice cards the day before so Justin can have a visual reminder of his food choice to ease the stress of walking through the line.

“Ms. High has probably helped in the classroom in many ways we do not see. These two instances I have described have ensured the safety of Justin and others during the morning drop off, have incentivized him to be successful by drawing on his hyper fixation of space, and have helped him learn how to access his complete educational and social opportunities.”

Justin was present during Baylor’s recognition and loved telling Dr. Hamlett all about “Tray Tuesday!”

Judit added to the accolades, telling us “Baylor is not only a great EC teacher but a great person and colleague. She does not only advocate fiercely for the students but makes sure that the transition of new EC teachers (like myself) is positive and easy. Every Monday after school we meet and she makes sure I feel ok, answers any doubts and provides ideas. She is happiness and positivity personified. You can feel as she walks through the school that she has a very welcoming and warm relationship with everybody. Students LOVE her! She is so deserving of this recognition!”