Zosha Silverstein-Belden, a Science Teacher at Phoenix Academy High

Posted by CHCCS on 5/26/2023 7:00:00 AM

Zorah Silverstein-Belden

Congratulations to Zosha Silverstein-Belden, a science teacher at Phoenix Academy High School, today’s CHCCS CHAMPion! Zosha was nominated by PAHS principal, Dr. Jon Dixon. “Ms. Silverstein-Belden is a fantastic science teacher at Phoenix Academy and our Virtual Academy who always keeps things engaging for her students, works to design field trips around the standards & content (like our recent trip to the Museum of Life & Science in Durham), and builds nurturing relationships with her kids. Ms Silverstein-Belden is our Equity Coach and our PAHS STAC Representative, and takes both of these jobs very seriously. She has worked to design our weekly Affinity Groups meetings and she truly represents our teachers by bringing their needs and concerns to STAC, and sharing out the information she gleans there. Ms. Silverstein-Belden will be leaving after this year to return to Boston with her family, which is even more reason why I would like to nominate her at this time. She really is a great teacher, loves the kids, and will do anything in her power to make Phoenix Academy and our Virtual Academy second-to-none!”