Dorie Hall, the CHCCS Executive Director of Secondary Math and Science

Posted by CHCCS on 2/17/2023 7:00:00 AM

Congratulations to Dorie Hall, the CHCCS Executive Director of Secondary Math and Science, today’s CHCCS CHAMPion! Dorie was nominated by Valerie Sellars, a Secondary Science Coach. “It is with pleasure that I submit a recommendation for Dorie Hall as a recipient of the CHCCS CHAMPion Award. She understands the importance of relationship building in both student-teacher, coach-director, administration-director, and community-district relationships. Ms. Hall has a vast knowledge of leadership strategies to support all those she serves. As evidenced in her work experiences, she is passionate about empowering individuals and teams to fulfill the strategic plans of CHCCS.

“As an academic leader and Director of Math and Science, Ms. Hall has built a district-wide instructional vision and implementation plan for improvements in math and science curriculum, instruction, and assessment, and has provided robust on-ramps for honors courses that have resulted in improved achievement for secondary math and science students. She has an innovative approach to leadership. As a leader in the instructional services, in addition to mathematics and science, she oversees other district initiatives such as Middle School Summer Success and Credit by Demonstrated Mastery for high school subjects.

“Ms. Hall often refers to herself as a lead learner. She actively demonstrates this philosophy by leading learning opportunities. She develops and leads large-scale professional development events for the district and its schools, including training for district leadership teams. This work includes monitoring instruction through frequent instructional rounds to provide effective feedback. She also provides learning opportunities for one-on-one support and teams of teachers and school math coaches related to teaching and learning, effective instruction, curriculum, and student engagement. Ms. Hall has shared her expertise as a lead presenter at state conferences about her equity driven instructional work in CHCCS.

“CHCCS students, teachers, coaches, school administrators, and district level departments are better because of the work that Ms. Dorie Hall has done and continues to do throughout her career in CHCCS. Her connections and passion for empowering teams to lead are valuable skill sets. I have seen this personally, as a member of her team, as a district science secondary lead coach, in the numerous school visits, meetings, etc. that I have attended with Ms. Hall, where participants define and implement initiatives. Participants leave with new ideas and excitement from working with her. Ms. Hall will always give herself in the support of others.”