Stephanie Jeffries, a 4th Grade LEAP Teacher at Seawell Elementary

Posted by CHCCS on 2/13/2023 7:00:00 AM

Congratulations to Stephanie Jeffries, a 4th grade LEAP teacher at Seawell Elementary School, today’s CHCCS CHAMPion! Stephanie was a gifted specialist at Ephesus before stepping into this role. She was nominated by three staff members and three parents! Here’s what they had to say:

“Stephanie Jeffries is deserving of this award because she TRULY stepped up when there was a need. While knowing that her job as a gifted specialist is extremely important, she also knew that there were students who were without a classroom teacher at Seawell and stepped in with positivity and eagerness. She shows that she is committed to serving students no matter the situation. Stephanie is very much deserving of this recognition.” - Liz Vail, Equity Specialist for Instructional Equity

“Stephanie is an outstanding teacher leader. Her joy in the classroom is contagious. She works to find the strengths in each of her students and she connects her lessons to real life learning. She also steps in to help her fellow teachers and the same joy and connection shines through. She recently stepped in to cover a vacancy and gave her absolute best effort. Her students are engaged, happy, and challenged!” - Kate Kennedy, Director of Advanced Learning & Student Leadership

“Stephanie came to Seawell's campus this year to teach our 4th grade LEAP program students. She has built positive relationships and rapport with her students and staff members. Stephanie's classroom is very welcoming and you will find exploratory learning and student centered learning taking place on a daily basis. Stephanie exudes passion, excitement, dedication, and love within her role as an educator. She has been a true asset to SES.” - Lakisha Perkins, Instructional Coach, Seawell

“[While she was at Ephesus] Ms. Jeffries was an amazing member of the Ephesus community. She volunteered to support the PTA, connected with staff, supported all the classrooms with extra challenges, and engaged so fully in the Ephesus community. We miss her so much!” - Irene Skowronek, parent

“Mrs. Jeffries is the best teacher ever!!! Her dedication to her work and students is impeccable.” - Liwei Zhou, parent

“Ms. Jeffries noticed that a group of boys played football everyday at recess, and she went from cheering them on and being the sideline commentator to organizing a "Super Bowl" with a national anthem singer, referee, cheer squads, and banners to run through. She even streamed this on a Google Meet for parents to watch. The fourth grade LEAP students (and parents) are new to school and to each other, and we all faced some uncertainties starting this year. She found a way to bring kids together, while encouraging them to play and have fun.” - Caroline Zarzar, parent