Work From Home Options for TAs & Classified

Instructional Assistants and Classified Staff,
We are excited to share some self-paced professional learning options you can complete remotely!  This is a great option for you because these courses have great information that will enhance your skills and practice as an instructional partner in the classroom! We have identified two sites that offer completely free courses with excellent content! If you have any questions or need assistance during your work from home time, please do not hesitate to email Dr. Jill Freeman, Executive Director of Professional Learning
How to get started:
Alison Learning
1. Go to
2. Sign up for a FREE account (if you are logged into your gmail account, you can choose 'continue with google'
3. From the Options at the top of the page, click COURSE TYPES
This will show you a list of available courses that may be of interest to you! Here are some we recommend you consider :
Learning to Learn Online                                                                         Intro to Arabic
Growth Mindset for Teachers & Learners                                                Intro to Chinese   
Communication Skills                                                                              Intro to French
Effective Communication for Teachers & Trainers                                  Intro to Japanese
Develop Your Emotional Intelligence                                                      Intro to Spanish
7. Make sure the course you select says FREE COURSE and Click START COURSE NOW
8. You will receive an email to let you know you are enrolled! You will be offered the option to purchase a certificate - YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS! When you finish a course, you will receive an email confirmation of your completion - SAVE YOUR EMAIL for proof of completion. You will also have a DASHBOARD on the site that will show all of your completions and achievements. Again - you do NOT need to purchase any certificate.
PBIS TeacherLine
2. Register for an account using your CHCCS email - you will receive a verification email to activate your account
3. Click THIS LINK to view available FREE courses - you can narrow the search by subject and/or grade level: 
Here are a few we recommend you consider:
4. Select a course - be sure the cost is $0.00 - Click ENROLL
5. Once you select a course, you will be taken to a Canvas page - all courses you are enrolled in for PBS TeacherLine will appear on your Dashboard. You should complete the TECH101.8 (Free Orientation Course) course first to help you get to know the PBS learning platform. You will automatically be enrolled in this course once you enroll in your first PBS course. 
6. Once you successfully complete a course, you will earn a certificate. Save an electronic copy of your certificate for proof of completion. 
We hope you enjoy participating in online professional learning! Please let us know if you have questions!  HAPPY LEARNING!