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EVERFI Awards Champion District Seal to CHCCS

Add another accolade to Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, with a nod to Director of Career and Technical Education (CTE), Kathi Breweur. On September 11, Tom Davidson, the CEO and founder of the online learning platform, EVERFI, emailed Breweur to announce the award of the 2020 Champion District seal to CHCCS. Eight years ago, Breweur first brought the EVERFI connection to district schools, since many of their resources align so well with the content and principles of numerous CTE courses. But the range of EVERFI course offerings is wide and ever-expanding, and all of the content is free to K-12 schools across the country.

The Champion District seal honors schools and school districts that use EVERFI’s online courses and in doing so, demonstrate “an exemplary commitment to whole-child education.” Less than five percent of school districts in the nation earn the designation. Criteria for selection include well-trained staff, sufficient reach with high usage and completion, and outcomes that are evaluated to follow and ensure student impact and knowledge gain.  

Currently, the EVERFI offerings are used primarily by CHCCS CTE and Healthful Living/PE teachers. The “Financial Education” strand includes courses from “High School Financial Literacy, ” to “Investing Basics.” Many high school Healthful Living teachers incorporate courses from the Health and Wellness strand, like the popular “Mental Health Basics” to “AlcoholEDU for High School.”

“In addition to providing wide offerings for CTE and Healthful Living, EVERFI has recently built engaging and standards-aligned resources that align to the NC Standard Course of Study in Science, Math, Social Studies and Literacy. These resources can be located in the EVERFI app within the CHCCS Clever Portal," said Jordan Snyder, EVERFI Schools Manager.

Amelia Brown, Business and Finance teacher at Culbreth Middle School, said, “EVERFI has provided my students with the opportunity to participate in career exploration, learn STEM competencies, and gain exposure to financial literacy. The lessons are engaging, and relevant to both our curriculum and their lives. It is easily accessible for students and a great resource for a variety of content!”

Debra Freeman teaches Family and Consumer Science in the CTE department at McDougle Middle School. “EVERFI is a platform that is engaging, informative, and has reliably trouble-free access for teachers and students alike.  At the middle school level, a basic vocabulary for understanding aspects of financial responsibility is established.  Students, through engaging presentations and games, learn the basics about responsible decision making regarding money, budgeting, saving, use of credit, insurance and risk, and also are encouraged to see the importance of including 'giving' as a financial practice for the greater good.  I am able to track my students' progress through the content and know how they are doing as they go along.  They are free to re-take any quiz or to re-do a whole module.  The goal is always a better understanding of vocabulary and concepts that are important when discussing personal finances.  A wonderful 'first layer' for growing learners.”

Christy Stanley, Director of Humanities and Healthful Living/PE, also works with the team at EVERFI to provide trainings for middle and high school PE teachers. Especially with the Mental Wellness, AlcoholEDU and Prescription Drug Safety courses, teachers mention how valuable it is to follow along their students’ work through each module, so they can detect which parts of the content are harder to grasp or analyze. Because students can log into the courses on their own schedules, EVERFI can be an integral component of asynchronous learning.

EVERFI was founded in 2008 as a social impact education innovator. During 2019-2020, nearly three million students participated in EVERFI courses in more than 7,500 school districts. The eight “Dimensions of Wellness” forming the focus areas for course development are social, emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, financial, occupational and social. An overarching emphasis targets life skills and college and career readiness.

On September 15, CEO Davidson announced a $100 million, three year commitment to developing curriculum that engages students on issues around social injustice and economic disparities. In a Fortune magazine article  published the day of the announcement, Davidson said, “Covid has thrown kerosene on problems that existed before. We are going to get this [the new curriculum] into the hands of school districts as fast as we can.” 

In addition to expanding current EVERFI areas like Mental Health and STEM skills, new courses will include Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Sustainability and Healthcare Literacy.