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Ephesus Elementary Committed to Moving Towards Greater Equity

If you drive by Ephesus Elementary School (EES), look for the colorful pinwheels on the front campus, underneath a banner with the words, “Moving Towards a More Equitable Ephesus.” The pinwheels are lovely to see, but they also are symbols of the evolving focus on becoming a more equitable school.

Assistant Principal, Stacie Boyer, said, “We are continuing our work towards a more ‘equitable Ephesus’ and using pinwheels that our staff decorated and wrote phrases on to model this movement. The pinwheels are placed in front of a new sign that was created for Ephesus that shows our commitment to the work. Our equity team meets regularly to design professional development activities that support this work for our staff.

Hannah Murphy, art teacher, is a member of the EES Equity Team that has been working on the school’s belief statement, and the accompanying visual arts displays.

“The idea for the banner and pinwheels prompted a conversation about what actions we as a staff could take to go along with the public display,” Murphy said. “This led to the Equity Team drafting an Equity mission statement that the staff then reviewed and approved. We looked at similar statements from other schools in the district, and created our own statement to be public and to hopefully hold us accountable for what we say we are trying to achieve.”