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Pre-K/Headstart Celebrates the Fall Season with Families

The Scroggs Elementary School gym became a Fall Festival playground the evening of Tuesday, October 23, as the Pre-K/Headstart program hosted its semi-annual family celebration. Over the course of two hours, dozens of families enjoyed activities, art and food in a relaxed and celebratory environment.

pre-K fall festival and literacy "Part of the Head Start is to make sure we have a strong family engagement component,” said director Kerry Moore. “Twice a year in the fall and spring, we hold a festival to bridge learning at home and school with relevant activities for families. Teachers host sessions, and we bring in community resources to ensure comprehensive supports."

One of the most popular stations was the yoga mat, where Carolina Hernandez, dual-language Pre-K teacher at Carrboro Elementary, lead children through basic poses like downward dog and cobra. Most of them were completely engaged as they followed Hernandez, shaping their bodies into one pose after another. Hernandez said that she frequently shares yoga with her students at CES; it’s a valuable tool for the youngest students to learn and embrace measures of self-care and self-regulation. Other stations included crafts to develop fine motor skills, as well as language learning activities.

“Our Pre-K Fall Festival is a wonderful opportunity for the Pre-K families, our Pre-K staff and members of community organizations to spend time together and share information in a festive atmosphere,” said Melissa Breaden, Family Services Manager/Social Worker for Pre-K/Headstart.  “The Pre-K Teachers and staff had engaging activities that support learning.  Entire families enjoyed these activities at the festival, and then they can do the activities at home as well. Many families were able to learn about and sign up for community resources such as El Centro Hispano's ESL and Rainbow Soccer, and our Chapel Hill Police officers were busy playing with the children all evening. Each child loved going home at the end of the evening with two books each, donated by Book Harvest. It was a fun evening for everyone!”