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March is Women's History Month!

A special message from our superintendent, Dr. Hamlett, about Women's History Month:
"March is Women’s History Month, a celebration of the contributions, achievements, and glass-shattering moments women have made to the United States. Our country first recognized Women’s History Month in 1981 when Congress passed Public Law 97-28 authorizing and requesting the President to proclaim the week beginning March 7, 1982 as Women’s History Week. It wasn’t until 1988, through Congressional resolutions and Presidential proclamations, that we celebrated Women’s History Month. Thank you to Ms. Savage, one of our Teacher Assistants, who shared this short video with me weeks ago that features female leaders across the world … so apropos as we kick off Women’s History Month. I hope that you find the video as encouraging and empowering as I did and share it with your children when you get a moment."