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Weekly Message 10/18/20

We have now collected a total of $11,405.41. In hopes of at least reaching $15,000 collected, we will extend our Fund It Fast Campaign another week through Friday, October 23rd. Do you or someone you know desire to donate? Make donations at:

Our October School Improvement Team meeting is this Tuesday, October 20th at 6pm via Webex (**See Principal notes page for more details).

This Wednesday will be Unity Day! Let’s wear ORANGE remotely to support preventing bullying and promote kindness, acceptance and inclusion for all (**).

Elementary report cards will be distributed on October 29th by email. Students in grades K-5 will receive a standards based grade in most content areas on their report card. See SBG/Report Card Supplement Parent Info Letter (Translated) for details.

Our next Spirit Night will be Thursday, October 29th from 5-9:00pm at Alfredo’s Pizza Villa. I have attached the flyer with all the details.

 messages/attachments/6b19f73ed84351fbd54cb27b97cbd2dd/Principal_Connect_Message_Notes_for_10_18_20.pdf (38.0 KB)
 messages/attachments/72ef1ac92a819853eb5b7e4c98ac975c/Alfredos_%281%29.pdf (322.6 KB)


Follow up Information

As you may remember from this week's Ephesus Newscast, this week is School Safety and Digital Citizenship week! 

  1. Here are some resources the district has shared with schools to use during this week: District Created 20-21 Safe School Week Handouts. Our grade level classrooms will not use all handouts and/or activities this week as we are now learning remotely for this first semester but now you can participate at home, if desired.  
  2. Also, don't forget that being a good digital citizen means we are being responsible and respectful online and when using technology. Even though we're celebrating this week, we know it’s important for students to work on this every week, especially during remote learning. Please see the attachments for family tips from Common Sense Media Education on how to help kids handle mean behavior they may run into online.
  3. Also, attached to my Principal email is a SAMPLE copy of the Standards Based Report Card (SBR) that you will receive for your child via email on October 29th.

 messages/attachments/16ea4456cfa6f3ac6e701b6124be18fe/grades_k-12_family_tips-cyberbullying_digital_drama_hate_speech-spanish.pd (217.0 KB)
 messages/attachments/100328d3156ab6795cd7013649d9140c/grades_k12_family_tips-cyberbullying_digital_drama_hate_speech-english.pdf (237.8 KB)
 messages/attachments/c27b4c2039f1b43381dd13aeee3042f1/common-sense-k-12-family-tips-cyberbullying-translation-bundle.pdf (821.6 KB)
 messages/attachments/ec69c2538f2f65e5beff37fffa0d9927/REPORT_CARD_TRADITIONAL_5_Sample.pdf (634.4 KB)