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Northside ES Celebrates "Beginning and Ending with Library Love"

Northside Elementary Librarian, Kathryn Cole, shares an evolving tradition for students that begins with photographs of the children in kindergarten, taken as they check out their first books. "We always love to capture our Navigator Nation Kinders and the books they select duringtheir first visit to our library. ❤️ I look forward to sharing and comparing with their photos come fifth grade," Cole wrote in a recent Northside Library Facebook post. "It may have been short lived, but the time spent with this year’s Kinders in our library was as memorable as ever."
"The library is a special place for our students and one where much joy is captured over their years as a Navigator," she said. "In the past, we've always included pictures of fifth graders and various experiences in the library to include in the end of year slideshow for their promotion. More recently, we've started a new tradition of capturing the love Kindergarten students have for the library by taking a picture of them with their very first book checkout from the NES Library. We share these with families and make a display in the hall celebrating this fun moment. In three more years, that first group we started this tradition with will be moving on to middle school and when they do, we look forward to sharing their first moments at the beginning of their Northside Library journey -- and the end with the books they choose to love.
My hope is the library will forever be a place of comfort and joy in their lives."
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