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CHHS Students Create Bring Change 2 Mind Club

As students navigate their remote educational paths during a pandemic, mental health remains an important concern. At Chapel Hill High School (CHHS), students who have a passion for mental health awareness have an opportunity to join Bring Change 2 Mind a national organization that is devoted to ending the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness. 

Earlier this year, CHHS student and chapter president, Madi Lin learned of the organization through the school announcements and was eager to become involved. “I decided I really wanted to make this happen, so I got into contact with Priest who is our academic advisor and worked with him to get this started,” said Lin. 

“I have always loved being a student leader; I really enjoy it and I really enjoy being able to help others,” Lin said. “Especially through this organization, it’s been great to be able to reach out to some of my peers and have harder conversations that we’re not really used to having with each other -- just learning about some of the struggles they may be having and learning that we all face similar struggles than more people may realize.”

Priest, who is the Mental Health Specialist at CHHS, worked with Lin to facilitate the chapter’s creation and development. “We are incredibly fortunate to be a part of a school community that is so passionate about mental health for students, families, and staff,” said Priest. “CHHS's BC2M chapter has phenomenal student leaders who recognize that all students play a vital role in shaping mental health resources, treatment, and culture into what resonates with them, and meets their needs.” 

The group has around 20 members and meets weekly throughout the school year. The club maintains its virtual presence through platforms such as Instagram and Google Meet. Despite not being able to meet in person, Lin notes that students still have a space to foster those personal connections and share their experiences surrounding mental health. 

“In terms of resources, we have been able to use some of the funds they provide for prizes in our trivia contest, and we are working with McDougle Middle School on presenting a self care presentation,” said Lin.

“What we found is that having meetings over Google Meet has been a lot easier for people to join, and can be a lot less intimidating than sitting in a classroom in front of a bunch of people,” said Lin. She also observed that, though it can be difficult to have hard conversations about mental health, it is important to remember that students do not have to manage their mental health alone, which is why the chapter hosts events throughout the semester to provide students with opportunities to share the struggles they may be having and offer resources and contacts that can support them during this time. 

“Bring Change to Mind is an incredible organization that I have been so lucky to be a part of,” said Sydney Lin, a board member of the CHHS club. “During the trying times of the pandemic, Bring Change to Mind has provided me with a wonderful and welcoming community of peers and mentors whose support has been indescribably beneficial to my mental health. Being a board member of the Chapel Hill High School Bring Change to Mind club has been an amazing opportunity that has allowed me to connect with other students, teachers, and faculty members this year. Being able to work with BC2M to help end the stigma surrounding mental health has been truly wonderful, and I am excited for the future of our club and this organization.”

On March 24, the BC2M chapter will be hosting an asynchronous trivia event on Quizizz that will be open for students until Spring Break. Students who participate will be eligible to win prizes.

From the BC2M website, here is a list of resources and benefits from creating a high school chapter:

An annual $500 grant for group activities

Educational and promotional materials; 
Access to the Club Portal containing event & activity breakdowns, educational presentations, and a club guidebook;
An invitation to our Annual BC2M HS Student Summit where all club members come together to learn from leaders in the mental health field and share their club stories and experiences with each other; 
Free annual Headspace meditation app subscription