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Glenwood Students Celebrate Arbor Day in Town Ceremony

Third grade students in Candace Crothers’ class at Glenwood STEAM Magnet Elementary School have been studying trees recently, and their unit culminated in a flurry of “poet-tree” writing. Their enthusiasm and focused work will be rewarded at the Town of Chapel Hill’s annual Arbor Day celebration on November 20, when they share their poems in a Zoom presentation. The program begins at 9:45 when Mayor Pam Hemminger reads an Arbor Day 2020 Proclamation, and the young poets’ work can be heard at 10:15.

Crother's poet at Arbor Day Crothers said her students are “tickled pink” to help celebrate Arbor Day with a wide audience. “My students are really excited to share their 'poet-tree' with the community!” Crothers said. 

The third grade “mini-unit” included reading informational texts about trees and their significance, watching short educational videos, and creating a class Jamboard that highlighted the big ideas about their learning experiences. Crothers said, “After exploring the trees prevalent in North Carolina, students went on scavenger hunts around their house or in their neighborhood to locate leaves of the various trees. Students snapped pictures of their findings, and enjoyed sharing about the types of trees they discovered.” 

“In Literacy, we had previously explored poetry, and my students displayed a great interest in creating their own poetry, so Poet-Tree became our mission! Students wrote their poems, and then created their own FlipGrid videos, reading aloud their poems and adding any technology enhancements they desired.”

Students’ poems spotlight maples, dogwoods and oak trees, and their styles range from lyrical to sweetly silly, with plenty of botanical information integrated into the poetic language.

Crothers' student reads poet-tree Crothers compiled their video clips into a WeVideo presentation for the Arbor Day Celebration. “These learning experiences initiated a new appreciation and awareness of the beauty, importance, and wonder of trees, not only in our community, but around the world,” Crothers said.