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Volunteer Department Names Annual Award Winners

From the Volunteer Department:

The CHCCS Volunteers & Partners office is pleased to honor school district volunteers each year with the “Pam Bailey Volunteer Award.”  The award is given to school volunteers in recognition of their outstanding volunteer commitment to our schools.

This award is given to one or more volunteers who:

  • Consistently contribute gifts of time and energy to the schools through the Volunteers & Partners office.
  • Provide meaningful service in the school environment to help children achieve greater success in the classroom and in life.
  • Serve as a positive role model for students.

This year, the Volunteers & Partners office is pleased to give two awards. 

VO award winner Link Mallory Link is a UNC student who has helped this year in Adam Glasser’s kindergarten classroom at Morris Grove Elementary School (MGES). “She has been an exceptional volunteer this school year, and we are extremely lucky that she has been part of our class,”  Glasser said.  In addition to leading small group literacy and math activities, Glasser shared that “Mallory also helped to plan and lead several enrichment activities for our students.  Her dedication to the students has helped to promote a love of school and a joy of learning among students”.  

This school year has been a big challenge for everyone. On Link’s commitment to students, even after school buildings had closed in the district, Glasser said, “She has continued to check in with students by mailing them letters. The students have told me on several occasions that they are thrilled to receive letters from her. These letters have clearly made the students feel valued and appreciated. Mallory’s continued support of students shows that she cares deeply about them.”  

McDougle Middle School (MMS) was fortunate this year to have 18 young women from the Magik G.L.O.W. (Girls Learning and Owning their Worth) program to volunteer with their after school program.  Dana McCullum, the Literacy Coach at MMS, is the club’s advisor this year.  She stated, "Magik G.L.O.W. is an afterschool enrichment program founded by Black women from UNC-Chapel Hill, specifically designed to support Black girls growing up in Chapel Hill. The primary mission of Magik G.L.O.W. is to establish positive relationships while focusing on cultural enrichment, self-awareness, and college readiness. Magik G.L.O.W. mentors provide a safe and caring environment for our middle school girls to express and explore their personal identity as young Black women."

"We deeply value the work that is being done with our Black female students. Magik G.L.O.W. motivates our students to perform better in school and helps the girls build self-esteem," McCullum said. "The Magik G.L.O.W. mentors develop lessons and activities to promote healthy habits, academic success, positive decision-making, and enrichment through field trips."

McCullum added, "I am touched by the dedication of the Magik G.L.O.W. mentors. They set a positive and empowering example for our Black girls, which is very important since Black girls deal with many negative stereotypes that can fuel negative self-esteem.  Magik G.L.O.W. is the only place specifically designated and designed for black girls.  It is truly a safe place for them to thrive and express themselves freely without cultural misunderstanding. As a black woman myself, I understand the need for these types of spaces and I am grateful to the Magik G.L.O.W. mentors and the difference that they have made.”

The Volunteer Department is also honored to award the “Volunteers & Partners for Education Teacher Award” each year. This award is given to an outstanding teacher who:

  • Ensures student success by helping volunteers throughout the school year.
  • Identifies students needing support and effectively utilizing volunteers to enhance instruction.
  • Provides outstanding support to volunteers.

Dejuana Henderson VO winner This year, the Volunteers & Partners office is pleased to give the Teacher Award to Dejuana Henderson, a K-2 Literacy Coach at Ephesus Elementary School (EES).  Starting three years ago, Henderson took on the job of coordinating the EES School Reading Partners (SRP).  She jumped right in, becoming immediately invested in the program and her volunteers. In addition to SRP, this year Henderson helped coordinate a group of reading volunteers from University United Methodist Church.

Stacy Rappleyea, an SRP at EES, said, "Dejuana Henderson did a great job orienting me to the SRP program at Ephesus. She set up a meeting with me to explain how the program works at Ephesus and to show me around the building. She showed me where the SRP materials are stored, offered several alternative locations for reading with the children, and introduced me to my students' teachers and their classrooms.  Dejuana walked me around the school and provided me with maps with key areas highlighted.  She answered my questions and made sure she was accessible, as needed.  I appreciated the time and care Dejuana took to orient me and make me feel comfortable. She was professional, personable, and thoughtful during our interactions. Dejuana was key to preparing me to be a successful volunteer at Ephesus." 

Thank you to all our Volunteers for all you do for our students!