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Chickpea Treats Teach Ephesus Students About Plant Power

The month of March in CHCCS cafes will convince students that plants are powerful! "Try it" days, emphasis on plants and new foods never featured previously in district school cafes all combine to create a March menu that students are already talking about. Plant Buzz!

chickpeas come to EES March is National Nutrition Month, and this year that means a focus on Plant Power. The highlighted, signature new recipe is Bean-Lovin' Shepherd's Pie (also called Mashed Potato Pie) which was sampled at Ephesus Elementary School (EES) on Friday, February 6. Not a single student said, "Eeww, beans," and most of them raised their hands when Dietitian Lynne Privette asked them if they liked the nutrient-packed legumes. 

In addition to the samples of Shepherd’s Pie, students could taste “Rockin’ Roasted Chickpeas” and sunbutter with apple wedges. 

“Overall, students in CHCCS are open to trying new foods if they're given choices,” Privette said. “Education about the importance of plants in our food supply ties the school environment to the cafeteria in the best ways possible! Plant Power allows us to feed their bodies and their minds while decreasing the environmental impact of meat products, hopefully creating lessons that students take with them for the future.” 

Eric T at EES chickpea fest