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CHCCS Releases SAT Scores; All High Schools Improve Over Last Year

2019 SAT scores have been released and Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools had the highest scores in North Carolina. To see all North Carolina school systems and individual high school scores, visit the accountability section of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction website.

CHCCS had 69.7% of its senior class take the SAT, and had a combined score on the verbal and math sections of 1,287.  This is an increase of 27 points over last year, and the highest in the history of the school system. Since 2016, scores have gone up 82 points.

Each high school also registered its highest ever average score. Carrboro High School had a combined score of 1,290.  Chapel Hill High School had a combined score of 1,272.  East Chapel Hill High School had a combined score of 1,301 (the highest of any traditional public high school in North Carolina).

Below is the breakdown of verbal and math scores per school:

School                     Number Tested     Verbal     Math     Total
Carrboro High              112 (55.4%)           651        639      1,290
Chapel Hill High            260 (71.4%)          636        635       1,272
East Chapel Hill High     267 (77.8%)          647        655       1,301
District Total              639 (69.7%)        643        644       1,287

The North Carolina average composite score was 1,091 and the U.S. average was 1,039.