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Two CHCCS Students Win NC Awards in PTA Reflections Art Competition

The CHCCS PTA Council is excited to announce that two district students won statewide awards in this year's PTA Reflections Art competition. Jennifer Wah, a Carrboro High School senior, won first place for high school visual arts, and Griffin Kalavsky, a first grade student at Carrboro Elementary dual language, won second place in K-2 dance choreography.

The 2019 Reflections theme was “Heroes Around Us.” Wah’s watercolor painting is titled “Togetherness,” and in her artist statement, she said that her idea of heroes around her would be “people around the world who strive for social, political and economic changes for others, no matter their age, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.”  

Wah said, "Throughout my life, I was taught about leaders that have impacted our views on one another and on the world around us. These leaders help guide and inspire others through what they passionately believe in. It takes a great deal of courage to be a voice for others, especially for those that have little or no voice. Anyone can be born a leader and everyone is capable of making a difference. That is what my artwork is portraying. The list ranges from Gandhi, Mandela, Mr. King, Susan B. Anthony and many more. Even the people around us today can be our heroes, such as parents, teachers and peers. Many youth nowadays are more active and involved in making a change and wanting to see a difference and to have an impact on future generations."

Kalavsky submitted a video of an original dance that speaks for itself. Before he begins his dance, he says, "This is dedicated to Malcolm, because he inspires me and he's my hero." Performing at home in front of a fireplace, Kalavsky looks like he’s been breakdancing since he could walk. However, his father, Mickey Kalavsky, reported his son has only been enrolled in a dance class for a year.  “The rest of his 'training' is him dancing for his classmates in school or whenever he sees himself in a mirror,” said Kalavsky.

This wonderful art program is run by PTA volunteers at each participating school, with assistance from art teachers. Special thanks to parent-artist Heather Lewis who coordinated the local judges and arranged the student-artist gallery in FRANK’s Community Gallery through the month of February.