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Parking & Off-Campus Passes

Hello Carrboro High School Juniors and Seniors.  


There will be a parking distribution day for both the Juniors and Seniors later this week. Seniors can come in on Thursday Aug 12th from 10am - 1pm and Juniors can come in on Friday Aug 13th from 10am - 1pm.  Please help us move this along by having the parking agreement printed and preferably the parents signature notarized ahead of time.  If the signature is not notarized the parent can come in the building and sign IN FRONT OF a CHS STAFF MEMBER!  The parking fee is $100 for the year and payments can be made either by cash, check or on the K12 payment center (Please print the K12 receipt and bring it with you as proof of payment if you choose to pay this way).  


The forms for parking are attached in this email as well as on the school website.  There is also a form for Seniors to go off campus during lunch with the same signature process as the parking forms.  Currently off-campus lunch privileges are allowed but IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE!  Please note there is no off campus during the first week of school.  You can bring the form with you when you come in for parking and we will have the lunch passes ready for you when school starts (you can come to the student services office and pick it up from Mrs. Brooks).  


If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Brooks (


2021-2022 Off Campus Agreement Form

2021-2022 Junior and Senior Student Parking Agreement Form