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Firefighting and EMT Students Collaborate with Carrboro Fire Dept

safety academyOn Monday, May 10, an exciting and educational collaboration took place at Chapel Hill High School, with students from the Firefighting classes and EMT classes (CTE Public Safety Academy) working with the Carrboro Fire Department (CFD) on a simulated emergency.

Firefighting Instructor, Travis Atkison, praised the complexity and realism of the event as a culmination of the groups’ work together over several months, as they must learn to work closely with each other in “the real world.”

“This event simulated a vehicle extrication,” Atkinson said. “The fire students were responsible for using the tools to gain access to the ‘patient’.  While this was occurring, the EMT students were making verbal contact with the patient checking for injuries and getting information.”  

“Once the door was opened and the dash was pulled away from the patient, the EMT students worked to remove the patient from the vehicle," Atkison said. “They maintained proper positioning of the patient using different packaging tools and methods so that further injury would be prevented. Transfer was made from the car to the stretcher where they then transported the ‘patient’ to the ambulance.”

Atkison said, “After doing this on a prop in a controlled environment, we took it to the next level and used a real car, (but) the 1996 Kia Sportage was the only thing hurt in this training.  All students had a great time and learned crucial lessons used in the field.”  

EMT Instructor, Lewis Newman, said, “It was a great experience for the EMT students with an opportunity to work with fire and to apply their skills first hand.”

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