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Eight Students Graduate from Phoenix Academy High School

Eight Phoenix Academy High School seniors were celebrated and honored at their graduation ceremony at Extraordinary Ventures in Chapel Hill on February 1, 2019. Phoenix Academy High School creates an environment to help students learn, succeed and lead. The school is the designated alternative high school for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, serving between 35-45 high school students. Phoenix Academy High School is driven by a simple, powerful motto: “Where success is made simple and education is personalized.” Phoenix Academy High School provides students with an individualized program that fits their unique needs, fostering the distinct talents and aspirations of each young man and woman.

PAHS graduation program This year’s graduates are Lester Esteban, Vanesa Saavedra, Allen Johnson, Dayanara Meza, Zackary Morel, Lidia Quesada, Randy Stephens and Casey Williams. After the ceremony opening and the presentation of the scholarship awards, one member of the Phoenix Academy faculty honored each individual. These reflections provided a glimpse into the unique character of each graduate, as faculty shared stories that stirred both emotion and laughter.

Lester was commended for his authenticity, described as both “focused and very capable.” Vanesa was honored for her resilience and huge heart, described with a “habit of looking out for the underdogs around her.” Allen was recognized for his dedication, described as a “hardworking, motivated, very bright” individual, qualities complimented by “a great sense of humor.” Dayanara was admired for her focus, thoughtfulness, and love of learning, an individual who “takes so much pride in her education.” Zackary was commended for his ambition as he has “developed into a self-motivated student determined to achieve his goals.” Lidia was described as “very inquisitive” with a kindness able to bring a smile to those around her. Randy, with “a tenacity for learning new things,” was recognized as an individual who “worked diligently to advance towards his next goal after graduation.” Casey was honored as “one very impressive young man,” displaying both perseverance and endurance. The audience was assured that “whatever he chooses to do, he is going to be successful.”

Following these reflections, the graduates were given the opportunity to address the ceremony guests, thanking family, friends, teachers and administration who supported them.

As the ceremony came to a close, the most anticipated moment of the evening arrived, the presentation of diplomas. Each diploma from Phoenix Academy High School represents the diligence, persistence and tenacity of each graduate. In the closing remarks, Principal John Williams proudly declared that these eight graduates, “are our future.”