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CHCCS Honors Staff at Virtual Annual Recognition Reception

Eugenia Floyd of Scroggs Elementary, was named the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) Teacher of the Year at the virtual annual Recognition Reception on June 12.

Floyd is a fourth grade teacher with seven years of teaching experience.  She holds bachelor of arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and teacher licensure from North Carolina Central University.  Floyd received a $1,000 check from Pinnacle Financial Partners.

Two Honor Teachers were also named on Wednesday.  They are Evie O’Dor of Rashkis Elementary and Stephens Watson of McDougle Elementary.  They each received a $500 check from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation (PSF).

Other Teachers of the Year were recognized with $100 checks from PSF.  They are: Shelby Dotson, Carrboro Elementary; Jandra Alston, Ephesus Elementary; Kristen Swanson, Estes Hills Elementary; Jessica Greene, FPG Bilingüe Elementary; Katie Beck, Glenwood Elementary; Kelli Smith, Morris Grove Elementary; Donald Parker, Northside Elementary; Heather Marlette, Seawell Elementary; Carolina Guarda, Culbreth Middle; Seth Gillis, McDougle Middle; Cathryn Wirz, Phillips Middle; Regina Baratta, Smith Middle; John Hite, Carrboro High; Jacqueline “Jay” Cotton, Chapel Hill High; Bill Vincent, East Chapel Hill High; and Margaret Fonge, Phoenix Academy High.

The Mary Scroggs Award for Excellence in Providing Support Services recognizes one classified staff member from each school and several Lincoln Center departments.  The award recipient is Zaida Walker, the Title III Parent Liaison at Lincoln Center’s Welcome Center, who also received a $1,000 check.  Two Honor Recipients were named.  They are Brooke Hartson, a teacher assistant at McDougle Elementary, and Christopher Glasco, an EC adaptive curriculum teacher assistant at Smith Middle.  They each received $500.

Other Classified Staff of the Year, who each received $100, are:  Taylor Beyle, teacher assistant, Carrboro Elementary; Laura Dudley, teacher assistant, Ephesus Elementary; Nadine Taylor, teacher assistant, Estes Hills Elementary; Michele Stansbury, teacher assistant, FPG Bilingüe Elementary; Brittany Parkins, teacher assistant, Glenwood Elementary; Shantina Foster, teacher assistant, Morris Grove Elementary; Karen Casey, teacher assistant, Northside Elementary; Sheena Hooker, teacher assistant, Rashkis Elementary; Cathy Cox, teacher assistant, Scroggs Elementary; Arnoldo Coronado, custodian, Seawell Elementary; Markeith Gary, EC teacher assistant, Culbreth Middle; Jeannine Brinkman, receptionist, McDougle Middle; Jeri Wilson, data manager, Phillips Middle; Kristina Rhodes, media assistant, Smith Middle; Brittany Deeds, principal’s secretary, Carrboro High; Lavernia Bass-Devine, counseling secretary, Chapel Hill High; Leonard Starnes, custodian, East Chapel Hill High; Ya Day Moo Wai, school secretary, Phoenix Academy High; Abraham Faison, IT tech III, Information Technology Department, Lincoln Center; Michael King, electrical assistant, Facilities/Maintenance, Lincoln Center; and Michael Zito, bus driver, Transportation.

Delia Hudson, speech/language therapist at McDougle Elementary, received the Exceptional Children Student Services Staff of the Year Award, as well as a check for $500.  The two Honor Recipients are Candice Norwood, school social worker at Northside Elementary, and Erich Priest, mental health specialist at Chapel Hill High.  They each received $250.

The other ECSS Staff of the Year, who each received $50, are: Kathryn Harrison, school social worker, Carrboro Elementary; Carolyn Hall, school nurse, Ephesus Elementary; Betsy Booth, school social worker, Estes Hills Elementary; Barbie Garayua-Tudryn, school counselor, FPG Bilingüe Elementary; Patty Moore, school social worker, Glenwood Elementary; Stephanie Bruce, school counselor, Morris Grove Elementary; Sarah Smith, speech language pathologist, Rashkis Elementary; Terri deBerjeois, occupational therapist, Scroggs Elementary; Linda Williford, school social worker, Seawell Elementary; Jason Cook, school counselor, Culbreth Middle; Nicole Land, school psychologist, McDougle Middle; Tania Treml, Autism support specialist, Phillips Middle; Tina Moore, school social worker, Smith Middle; Matthew Harkey, school counselor, Carrboro High; Laura Dellicker, school social worker, East Chapel Hill High; Gloria Sanchez-Lane, school social worker, Phoenix Academy High; and Lynda Craig, nurse, Pre-K/Head Start.

Other staff awards were also presented at the event.

Robert Bales of McDougle Middle was recognized as the district's Principal of the Year, while Stacie Boyer of Ephesus Elementary was named the district's Assistant Principal of the Year.  Sherri Morris, director of talent acquisition and HR programming, received the Award for Excellence in District Administration.

Kim Lindekugel of Chapel Hill High was the recipient of the Jeannette Blackwell Mentor Teacher Award.   Rody Huertas Ostolaza of FPG Bilingüe Elementary received the CHC Promising New Teacher Award. Angela McChesney of Carrboro High was named the recipient of the Elmo's Award for Excellence in Teaching English Language Learners and Dual Language. Jennifer Dykes of Ephesus Elementary received the MSAN (Minority Student Achievement Network) Equity Equals Excellence Award. Ashley Quick-Hooker of Northside Elementary was awarded The Reckford Teaching Prize.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Association of Educators (CHCAE) presented two awards this year to CHCAE members. Adelaide Zarhen of Seawell Elementary received the Courageous Educator Award and Tracy Bell of Glenwood Elementary was the recipient of the Consummate Professional Award.

The Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate (BRMA) program presented two Excellence in Equity Awards.  These award recipients are selected by the students in BRMA.  The awards went to Tiffany Lloyd of Rashkis Elementary, Dana McCullom of McDougle Middle and Matthew Murchison from Carrboro High.

Representatives of PSF were on hand to present both new and renewing Teaching Chairs. Mary Patricia Peres-da-Silva of McDougle Middle is the GlaxoSmithKline Chair for Excellence in Teaching Middle School Science or Math. Corrie Franklin of Culbreth Middle is the PSF/PTSA Chair for Excellence in Teaching Cultural Arts. Ronetta Walker of Pre-K/Head Start is the Sockwell Chair for Excellence in Teaching in the Primary Grades (Pre-K-2). Christine Sudzina of East Chapel Hill High is the Burton Stuart Chair for Promising New Teachers of Secondary Math or Science.  Jamie Fernandez-Schendt of Carrboro High is the Bernadine Sullivan Chair for Excellence in Teaching High School English or Social Studies.

Renewing Chair recipients were also honored. Michael Sharp of Culbreth Middle is the Neil Pedersen Teachers First Chair for Excellence in Classroom Technology. Mackenzie Casey of Smith Middle is the Mel and Zora Rashkis Chair for Excellence in Teaching Health and PE. Kathryn Cole of Northside Elementary is the Mary U. Andrews Chair for Excellence in Teaching Literacy. Clare Matusevich of Chapel Hill High is the Elmo’s Diner Chair for Excellence in Teaching High School Math or Science. Melissa Barry of Carrboro High is the Kim Hoke Chair for Excellence in Teaching Exceptional Children. Helen Motta of Culbreth Middle is the Zora Rashkis Teaching Chair in Middle School Language Arts or Social Studies. Katy Cobb of McDougle Elementary is the Upper Elementary Chair for Excellence in Teaching Innovation.

Eight teachers were recognized for earning their National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.  They join the more than 300 other CHCCS teachers who have earned their National Boards.  They are:  Katherine Ciccarelli, McDougle Elementary; Jaimee Comellas, FPG Bilingüe Elementary; Corrie Franklin, Culbreth Middle; Michael Irwin, Chapel Hill High; Melanie Kilgo, McDougle Elementary; Melissa Olson, East Chapel Hill High; Lachmi Resaul, UNC Hospital School; and Amanda Thorne, Glenwood Elementary.

There were also 21 teachers who were recertified with their National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. They are: April Anderson, Seawell Elementary; Robert Bedell, Phillips Middle; Anne Beichner, Chapel Hill High; Andrea Bittle, Scroggs Elementary; Sibel Byrnes, Carrboro High; Sharla Coleman, Estes Hills Elementary; Kathleen Eveleigh, Estes Hills Elementary; Angela Greene, Phillips Middle; Jamie Hartzell, Chapel Hill High; Maite Lamberri, Chapel Hill High; Meghan Leonard, Northside Elementary; Helen Motta, Culbreth Middle; Hoan Hao Nguyan, Rashkis Elementary; Alice Rivenbark, EC Department; Christina Royster, Rashkis Elementary; Karen Sanders, East Chapel Hill High; Brian Schultz, East Chapel Hill High; Steven Simmons, McDougle Middle; Tatiana Treml, EC Department; Braden Walsh, Chapel Hill High; and Jodi Wise, Scroggs Elementary.

Employees retiring from the district this year were recognized, if they chose to be.  Those honored are:  Genoveva Aguirre, McDougle Middle; Janice Anderson, FPG Bilingüe Elementary; Della Atwater, McDougle Elementary; Yvonne Barfield, Rashkis Elementary; Jamey Barkdolloni, Carrboro High; Sheryl Bauer, Glenwood Elementary; Emily Bivins, FPG Bilingüe Elementary; Janet Bogan, Northside Elementary; Jill Burk, Estes Hills Elementary; Regina Burns, Scroggs Elementary; Joanne Carlson, Pre-K/Head Start; Laurie Crabtree, Morris Grove Elementary; Elizabeth Ann Daaleman, Phillips Middle; Karen Eisner, McDougle Elementary; Katie Farrish, East Chapel Hill High; Jerri Fitzo, East Chapel Hill High; Dianne George, McDougle Middle; Christine Harkey, Smith Middle; Linnora Headen, McDougle Elementary; Susan Jenny, Ephesus Elementary; Harold Johnson, Transportation; Susan Julian, McDougle Elementary; Wanda King, Morris Grove Elementary; David Klionsky, Seawell Elementary; Charles Lockhart, Transportation; Helen Maxwell, Rashkis Elementary; Paul McLaughlin, Transportation; Ed Migues, Culbreth Middle; Ann Morgan, Phillips Middle; Loretta Mount, Rashkis Elementary; Adrene Powell, Northside Elementary; Patricia Prentice, Estes Hills Elementary; Janelle Price, Chapel Hill High; Spencer Register, Phillips Middle; Martin Roper, Phillips Middle; Patricia Saylor, FPG Bilingüe Elementary; John Sharpe, Lincoln Center; Kerry Sherrill, FPG Bilingüe Elementary; Tonya Slawson Harrison, East Chapel Hill High; Irene Slydel, Smith Middle; Sharon Smith, Glenwood Elementary; Brenda Stanley, Lincoln Center; Lori Thomas, East Chapel Hill High; Raymond Thomas, Carrboro High; Pat Utz, Chapel Hill High; and John Walker, Transportation.

Employees were also honored for attaining milestones of service with CHCCS.  Pamela Tedder, a teacher assistant at East Chapel Hill High, was honored for her 35 years of service.

Five employees were honored for having 30 years of service to CHCCS.  They are:  Jennifer Burnette, Seawell Elementary; Cindy Dillehay, Lincoln Center; Deidre Foushee, Transportation; Melissa Pearce, Estes Hills Elementary; and Pablo Valencia, FPG Bilingüe Elementary.

Employees with 25 years of service included:  Beverly Alston, Transportation; Deborah Baldwin, Phillips Middle; Elizabeth Burns, Lincoln Center; Gretchen Capps, Ephesus Elementary; Janet Davis-Castro, Carrboro Elementary; Jennifer Dykes, Ephesus Elementary; Bethany Lorber-Custer, Lincoln Center; John Montavon, McDougle Middle; Claire Nelson, Rashkis Elementary; Christopher Robinson, Transportation; Julie Robinson, Transportation; Elizabeth Scalco, Estes Hills Elementary; Kara Vanhooser, McDougle Elementary; and Jerilyn Wilson, Phillips Middle.

Employees with 20 years of service included: Rana Albishtawi, Glenwood Elementary; Michael Allen, Lincoln Center; Jandra Alston, Ephesus Elementary; Karen Andrews, Estes Hills Elementary; Ronald Barbee, Lincoln Center; Lisa Battle, Morris Grove Elementary; Patricia Berge, East Chapel Hill High; Agnes Bernasconi, Rashkis Elementary; Barry Brown, East Chapel Hill High; Gregory Cain, East Chapel Hill High; Stephanie Dimac, Scroggs Elementary; Teresa Edwards, Transportation; Rob Frescoln, Phillips Middle; Karen Galassi-Ferrer, FBG Bilingüe Elementary; Kelvin Harrington, Culbreth Middle; Rolesha Harris, Carrboro High; Tracy Hawkins, East Chapel Hill High; Karen Herring, McDougle Middle; Mary Holiday, McDougle Middle; Jennifer Kirschner, Lincoln Center; Suzanne Laemmle, Scroggs Elementary; Heidi Mangum, Culbreth Middle; Brian Mason, Northside Elementary; Jo Massey, Smith Middle; Teia McCall, Ephesus Elementary; Johnetta McQuaig, Rashkis Elementary; Samuel McPherson, Lincoln Center; Christina Moore, Smith Middle; Marnita Morrow, Pre-K/Head Start; James Nohe, Scroggs Elementary; Jackie Parrish, Pre-K/Head Start; Amy Porter, McDougle Elementary; Molly Raymond, Lincoln Center; Allan Rissberger Chapel Hill High; Martin Roper, Phillips Middle; Robert Rudd, McDougle Middle; Shawn Rudd, Lincoln Center; Mary Savelli, Phillips Middle; Dave Scott, Lincoln Center; Janet Shaheen, Scroggs Elementary; Robin Small, Culbreth Middle; Tom Stana, Chapel Hill High; Lanny Stanley, Transportation; Kimberly Thompson, McDougle Middle; Nicholas Van Hoene, Culbreth Middle; Rebecca Van Hoene, Culbreth Middle; Annie Washington, Phillips Middle; Joanne Watrous, Pre-K/Head Start; and Linda Wilson, Carrboro Elementary.

The annual Recognition Reception is hosted in collaboration with the Public School Foundation (PSF).

“Even though we couldn’t all be together to honor our educators this year, we still want to celebrate them for everything they do for our district. The hard work and effort our staff have put in from the beginning of the year, to its unusual conclusion, is truly amazing. It proves how dedicated the staff in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools really are,” said Superintendent Pam Baldwin. “Thank you for your commitment to our staff members who have been with us for 20, 25, 30 and 35 years. Thank you to all of our educators who are retiring for all they’ve given to our students. And congratulations to all of our honorees who were announced as award winners. Every one of you shine, whether we’re together in person or online.”