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Morris Grove Elementary Highlights Fitness with Jump Rope for Heart

On February 15, Morris Grove Elementary (MGES) hosted their annual Jump Rope For Heart event. Jump Rope For Heart is a day-long Kids Heart Challenge and celebration of health and fitness. All students participated in learning jump rope skills, how their hearts work, as well as raising money to help “Heart Heroes,” children with special hearts. Physical education teacher, Lisa Frangipane, organizes and runs the event and looks forward to it every year.

MGES jumps rope for heart Frangipane conducts the school’s Jump Rope For Heart differently than most other elementary schools. Usually students learn basic jump roping skills during their P.E. time; however, Frangipane sets up over 15 different stations that involve some sort of jump rope activity for the students to rotate between.

"Thanks to Ms. Frangipane, Principal Rickard, and the entire staff at Morris Grove, Jump Rope for Heart is an amazing experience that not only teaches healthy living, but what it means to have school spirit," said MGES parent, Stacey Lange. "From our fifth graders leading the activities to our amazing EC teachers helping to ensure inclusion for all, Jump Rope for Heart is a day you do NOT want to miss at MGE."

The MGES gym stayed packed with bouncing students throughout the day, and a lively playlist kept the noise level high. Stations included jump the noodle, jump the river, short ropes, drums and many more. One kindergarten student said her favorite activity was the long ropes, while a first-grader enjoyed playing the drums the most. Some parents were also in attendance to volunteer with helping the children rotate between stations.

WRAL jumps rope at MGES In the midst of all the activity and fanfare, WRAL reporter Lena Tillett arrived to surprise Frangipane with the announcement that she had been chosen as Teacher of the Week for the television station. Students shrieked and roared their approval.

Frangipane said, “Students look forward to this day for months, as well as myself. I believe that it is a great way to keep students active and engaged, while also teaching them about an important cause.”

Many students collected donations for the American Heart Association as part of the Kids' Heart Challenge.