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Northside Navigator's Image Goes Viral

Aaliyah Davidson is six years old, a kindergarten student at Northside Elementary School (NES) and the subject of an iconic photograph that went viral after the January 20 swearing-in of Vice-President Kamala Harris. Arms akimbo, in a pink sweater, Aaliyah radiated her intent focus on the new vice-president. Her mother, Adina Davidson, shared the photo on social media, with the caption, “Madame Vice President, We see you!” and the rest is media history.

As a family we watched proudly as the first Black, South Asian American woman was sworn into office as the Vice President of the United States,” Davidson said.  “As a woman, it was so empowering to witness this historic moment. A female Vice President!”

“It means so much to me that she's VP,” Aaliyah said. “It's very cool, and she's Black, like me!"

“As a mother, it meant that my four children would no longer just hear me tell them that they can be anything they wanted, but they would now be able to see it for themselves,” Davidson said. “Representation matters.”

I took a photo of Aaliyah as she proudly watched Kamala Harris get sworn into office.  Her eyes were glued to the screen as she watched excitedly and said, ‘Mom, she looks like me!’” After Davidson posted the image on social media, both CNN and ABC's Nightline reached out for permission to share the image.  Davidson added, “The photo has now been seen and shared broadly, as many seem to feel so connected to this beautiful historical moment.”

But the family story of art and the recording of history doesn’t stop there. Aaliyah’s nine-year old brother,  Eliot, was so inspired by the photograph of his sister and its broad impact, he created his own painting of the moment, as captured by his mother’s camera.

Eliot attends Seawell Elementary School, and his mother reports he’s been drawing since he could hold a pencil.

“I definitely, definitely will be drawing a lot more,” Eliot said. “I feel like I want to represent my feelings in my art by drawing what is all around me and what I like to see."

Eliot draws sister Aaliyah