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CHCCS Announces Honor Teachers of the Year for 2024-25 and other Honorees

CHCCS is pleased to announce that the three Honor Teachers of the Year for Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools are Raquel Harris, Linda Kroger and Roxana Rojas. Honor Teachers are finalists in consideration for the district's 2024-25 Teacher of the Year award which will be announced next month.

  • Harris is a creative writing and English Language Arts teacher at Carrboro High and has been teaching for 20 years.
  • Kroger is a seventh grade English Language Arts teacher at Culbreth Middle School and has been teaching for 23 years.
  • Rojas is a Kindergarten teacher at Seawell Elementary School and has been teaching for eight years.

Harris, Kroger and Rojas emerged as finalists from all of CHCCS’ school-based Teachers of the Year:

  • Jessica Bigelow, Carrboro Elementary
  • Kara O’Dor, Ephesus Elementary
  • Kathy Thompson, Estes Hills Elementary
  • Rody Huertas, FPG Bilingüe
  • Shaniece Robinson, Glenwood Elementary
  • Gabriella La Mantia, McDougle Elementary
  • Stephanie Wittmann, Morris Grove Elementary
  • Matthew Russell, Northside Elementary
  • Kathryn Rubish, Rashkis Elementary
  • Kaitlin Braz, Scroggs Elementary
  • Shorna Smith-Treasure, McDougle Middle
  • Evie O’Dor, Phillips Middle
  • LaTekka Lewis, Smith Middle
  • Kadie Ondrus, Chapel Hill High
  • Jay Wilson, East Chapel Hill High
  • Lawre Doughton, Phoenix Academy High

The three finalists for the 2024-25 Mary Scroggs Classified Employee of the Year are:

  • Lonnie Hatley a school bus driver
  • Mayra Menjivar a teacher assistant at Carrboro Elementary
  • Robin Nucilli a communications specialist at Lincoln Center

Hatley, Menjivar and Nucilli emerged as finalists from all of CHCCS’ Classified Employees of the Year:

  • Keona Foushee, Ephesus Elementary
  • Mirrani Houpe, Estes Hills Elementary
  • Aiderling Antequera, FPG Bilingüe
  • Ivette Mercado, Glenwood Elementary
  • Gina Lacava, McDougle Elementary
  • Kate Celauro, Morris Grove Elementary
  • Kassidy Plummer, Northside Elementary
  • Munirih Salazar-Centella, Rashkis Elementary
  • Natasha Cross, Scroggs Elementary
  • Anthony Daniels, Seawell Elementary
  • Ker Htoo, Culbreth Middle
  • Jeannine Brinkman, McDougle Middle
  • Paw Yeh, Phillips Middle
  • Kurt Gurley, Smith Middle
  • Lillian Martinez, Carrboro High
  • Terésa Sloan, Chapel Hill High
  • Dora Diaz-Flores, East Chapel Hill High
  • Aaliyah King, Phoenix Academy High
  • Andrew Scercy, Information Technology Department, Lincoln Center
  • Jake Jordan, Facilities and Maintenance Department, Lincoln Center
  • Elisabeth Suttee, Community Schools, Lincoln Center

The three finalists for the 2024-25 School Support and Wellness (SSW) Employee of the Year are:

  • Malissa Bailey, a school psychologist at East Chapel Hill High
  • Becky Brown, a school counselor at FPG Bilingüe Elementary
  • Paige Clark, a mental health specialist at McDougle Elementary

Bailey, Brown and Clark emerged as finalists from all of CHCCS’ SSW Employees of the Year:

  • Kathryn Harrison, Carrboro Elementary
  • Emily Snapper, Ephesus Elementary
  • Evan Overton, Estes Hills Elementary
  • Patty Moore, Glenwood Elementary
  • Emily Avetta, Morris Grove Elementary
  • Ronetta Walker, Northside Elementary
  • Ashanti Keitt, Rashkis Elementary
  • Cecily Lindsey, Scroggs Elementary
  • Eileen Stough, Seawell Elementary
  • Megan Grimes, Culbreth Middle
  • Sarah Morales, McDougle Middle
  • Haley Spurlin, Phillips Middle
  • Leigh Ann Dasher, Smith Middle
  • Gwen Roulhac, Carrboro High
  • Lorraine Bleeke, Chapel Hill High
  • Jessica Wallace, Phoenix Academy High

CHCCS will announce its 2024-25 Teacher of the Year, Classified Employee of the Year and SSW Employee of the Year at its annual Recognition Celebration on Thursday, May 9. 

At the Recognition Celebration, CHCCS will also honor PSF Teaching Chair and Award recipients, Years of Service, Retirees, School Support and Wellness Staff of the Year and Classified Staff of the Year.

Congratulations to all our honorees!

Raquel Harris

Linda Kroger

Roxana Rojas