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FOCUSED: Friday Feature with Dr. Nyah Hamlett

I’ve been thinking about a new format for my weekly message since last spring, and last week I mentioned that I’ll be introducing it today: It’s called the “FOCUSED: Friday Feature”! 

The goal is simple. Instead of sharing a few hundred (or often more!) written words in an email each week, I’ll be sending a very brief message with a link to a video that appears on our YouTube channel and social media. I’ll be introducing, or in some cases, re-introducing you to staff, community members, parents and students who form the powerful community supporting our PreK-12 learners.

Today our lens is focused on Laila Bradford, a CHCCS colleague who works long days all week, and then spends hours on weekends, leading literacy, craft and social-emotional learning activities with elementary and middle school girls in the Elliott Woods neighborhood off of N. Elliott Rd. The Sunday before our students returned to school, I visited Laila to meet “her girls” – and to make a surprise recognition of this amazing CHCCS staff and community member (click here to watch)!

I’d be honored if you’d take a look at this first edition of “FOCUSED”, and I’m eager to share the power and joy of visual storytelling each week!


Nyah D. Hamlett, Ed. D.


Laila Bradford & Nyah Hamlett  Superintendent Reads to Students