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October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Every child has the right to feel safe and supported. The crucial message is part of a campaign by the National Bullying Prevention Center this month, but the reminder needs to be shared every day, in any setting where children learn and play. CHCCS Student Support Services will be sharing bullying prevention activities and discussions in schools, throughout the month of October. 

Coordinator of Social Emotional Learning, Vernon Hall, said, “October is when schools from across the country unite to bring awareness to stop bullying, cyber-bullying, and to put an end to hatred and racism. Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools has planned monthly activities for our students to educate them on the effects of bullying and how everyone can work as a team to significantly minimize or reduce bullying in our schools. As a result, our goal is to improve student outcomes in the areas of academics, attendance, and in their social and emotional efficacy. When students feel unsafe, isolated, unmotivated, and helpless, they begin to struggle in many areas of their lives, including in school. Establishing healthy relationships between students and adults is a top priority for us in the Chapel Hill Carrboro City School system.”

As many anti-bullying resources note, bullying has been viewed historically as an often  inevitable rite of passage. Some parents and educators in the past even argued that bullying makes children tougher, a claim which could hardly be farther from the truth. Numerous studies now point to the long-term, devastating impact that bullying produces in both victims and perpetrators: damaged self-esteem, depression and anxiety. Bullying is strongly linked to spikes in school shootings and youth suicides.

In order to emphasize and strengthen awareness and solidarity around their message, the National Bullying Prevention Center is asking everyone to mark Unity Day on their calendars. Hall said, “October 23rd is Unity Day!  We are asking all students and staff to wear orange in support of bullying prevention.”