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Message from Transportation Department Regarding Bus Routes

The top priority of the CHCCS Transportation Department is the safe transportation of our students to and from school each day. To that end, we have assembled a team of well-trained, expert drivers with a stellar record of safe driving. Though there is a nation-wide driver shortage, with the help of our community we were able to hire four full-time and three part-time new drivers this summer, and have 12 potential drivers who have each passed the State test and will soon be finished with their course roadwork. They will be joining our force within the next month.

The beginning of school is always the most challenging season for Transportation. Due to the relocation of students, new families to the district, new construction, brand new Kindergarten students, and other factors, bus routes have to be adjusted or re-created. Members of our community may have noticed buses out on the roads in recent days. Those were our drivers practicing their routes in preparation for the start of school on Tuesday. While there are always a few hiccups in the first week, we have every reason to believe our first day of school will be smooth and efficient.

To confirm your family's specific bus information, please visit our transportation page. You can enter your street address and see your bus stop location and approximate pick up time. The Transportation Office has also given a list to each school, showing a student's bus stop, pick up/drop off times, as well as the bus number, so parents may also contact the school office to find this information out.

For any families having trouble with the Here Comes the Bus app, before calling the Transportation Office, please try deleting and then reinstalling the app. This should load in the current year's bus routes.

If you experience any problems, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Transportation Office at 919-942-5045.