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Plan B Learning Commitment Change Request Reminder

Dear CHCCS Families,

In early December 2020, a Learning Commitment Form was sent to all families asking them to select their preferred mode of instruction for their children: 1) Return to In-Person Instruction, or 2) Continue with full-time Remote Learning. 

Those decisions are being used by our school principals and other district leaders to set up classes, schedules, bus routes, etc as we plan to return to school under Plan B. 

We realize that conditions may have changed for your family since December. If you need to adjust the option you selected for your child, please complete this Change Request Form no later than Friday, February 19 at 5 p.m. Please know that any adjustments will be in effect for the remainder of the school year.

Shortly after all adjustments have been made, you will receive written confirmation of your child’s learning assignment - whether In-Person Instruction or Remote Learning. If your child will participate in In-Person Instruction, then the written notification will also include confirmation of the child’s assigned cohort (A or B). 

If you prefer to continue with the decision you previously submitted on the Learning Commitment Form in December, then you do not need to complete the Change Request Form.

I am also providing a link to the documents I shared in December to assist families with their decisions.  These documents will be updated as we continue to prepare for Plan B.  I have also included the recording of the CHHS Plan B Q and A session I did for families.  

A link to view the Q and A session is below.

(Clink Here)CHHS Plan B Q and A Session

The password to view isTigers20

(Clink Here)CHCCS Welcome Back - Family Edition

(Clink Here)CHHS Plan B Document

(Clink Here)High School Sample Plan B Schedule - 7 period day (CHHS, ECHHS)