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Sora-Digital Reading Platform

Introducing a platform that allows teachers and students to not
only access eBooks and audiobooks from our school but from
your public libraries as well. Additionally, your CHHS Sora
account can be linked to other libraries where you hold a library
card. You can also access and download the Sora app on your
phones as well. The app works on both Apple and Android

1. Click here to watch"How to set up your Sora app".  

2. Click here to watch the "How to Use Sora" video to see how Sora can work for you.

3. If video is not your thing then you can click here to read the step-by-step instructions on how to access Sora. 

Again, we are excited to share this new platform with you all.  Please pay it forward by sharing this information with your fellow book lovers.

Happy reading everyone!