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Seawell ES Educator Creates PBS Instructional Videos

Seawell Elementary School Math & Science Specialist and Interventionist, Tomika Altman, has developed a series of third grade math lessons for PBS NC, at the invitation of the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. Later this spring, viewers will be able to learn Altman’s multiplication strategies and more on PBS or the Department of Public Instruction’s YouTube channel. Altman is the only CHCCS educator to be part of the collaboration between PBS NC and DPI, which was developed to meet the needs of students during the pandemic.

Altman said, “I was contacted in early fall 2020 by the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, after I had taken part in a professional development institute, "New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute (NLI) Project-Based Inquiry Global this past summer. They reached out to me about this unique opportunity.”

The At-Home Learning (AHL) “Classroom Connection” lessons began airing on PBS NC on March 1. Altman’s lessons will air beginning on April 26th.  “I designed eight third grade math lessons. The lesson design process was multi-week and iterative,” she said. “I received feedback from my fellow AHL third grade math teachers, Friday Institute staff, and NC DPI personnel. This feedback helped me strengthen the standards alignment of my lessons, as well as structure student engagement for the television broadcast.”

Altman said, “The 24 teachers involved in this project met regularly with each other (as well as other stakeholders) to discuss project updates and teacher lessons. My fellow AHL third grade math teachers also met as a small group to discuss the sequence and scope of our lessons throughout the project.”

The goal of the initiative is to decrease the educational gap experienced by students and families with limited-to-no access to broadband. PBS North Carolina and PBS have also curated free, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans and more at Content is organized by grade and subject area and accompanied by tips and techniques for engaging, effective at-home learning.