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FOCUSED on Student Athletics

CHHS Football Team

Student athletics is an important part of our school district, helping students learn how to build camaraderie and to succeed, as well as having a positive effect on our student athletes’ educational journeys.

“Athletics is really an extension of the school day,” said Director of Healthful Living, Athletics and Drivers Education Scarlett Steinert.  “Athletics follow a lot of the same rules at school, but really it has a lot of life lessons for kids,” said Scarlett Steinert.

CHCCS has 24 different teams, which look a little different at the middle and high school levels.  At the middle schools, the district does have a lot of varsity sports and last year, CHCCS added sixth grade to the athletics program.  

Cross Country Teams

“I think what makes school sports special is the educational component of it,” said Carrboro High School Athletic Director Jon Evans.  “It’s about the lessons learned.  It’s about being a student athlete.  It’s about the holistic process of developing a student through athletics,” he added. 

“Early on, athletics teaches them all the fundamentals of success,” said Chapel Hill High School Athletic Director Lewis Newman.  “Things like teamwork, sportsmanship, how to get along with everybody,” he continued.  “Those things are great as far as what it gives them for their future careers, regardless of what that might be.”

During COVID, student athletes were able to see one another in person, so a school day filled with remote learning ended up including the opportunity of actually seeing, talking to and interacting with their teammates.

For Carrboro High School Senior Hatcher Williams, the COVID year was his freshman year.  “We weren’t really in the school at all, but we did have athletics and that was the one kind of outlet that I had,” said Williams.  “I would meet new friends through teammates and what not.  Because we’re online [for classes], no one ever had their cameras on.  During athletics, we were able to see everybody in person.”

Smith MS Football Team

Williams explained how being involved in multiple sports helped him put his education first.  “Academics are definitely prioritized and the coaches know that as well,” he said.  “So if I need to be at practices and I’m swamped, the coaches are really a big part in helping the students prioritize it.”

“It gives everybody a sense of pride,” said East Chapel Hill High School Athletic Director Randy Trumbower.  “Even if you’re not an athlete, you can come and be part of the games. It gives our community the opportunity to see crosstown rivalries and get excited and yell and scream, attending the event, dressed in that game’s theme.  It provides something else, which is just a lot of fun.”

Whether you're an athlete or cheering on our athletes, being a part of Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools athletics is an unforgettable experience.

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