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"Lenna's Gift" Funds Mariposa Scholarships

“El Regalo de Lenna”/”Lenna’s Gift” is a book created over many months, by the Mariposas of Chapel Hill-Carrboro and a team of teaching artists. The book is now for sale, featured at Flyleaf Books, with all proceeds funding higher education scholarships for Latinx graduates of CHCCS schools.

Barbie Garayua-Tudryn founded the Mariposas, a group of Latinx girls in 2013 as a community for them and their families to learn about their culture and traditions through experiences and self-growth. In past years, the fundraising for scholarships has been sustained by family events, primarily tamale sales.

“Because of the stay-at-home order, Mariposas won't be able to have our yearly tamales sale to fund our scholarship fund,” said Garayua-Tudryn. “The funding this year will come directly from the sales of the book. It's really critical to get people in our community supporting the Mariposas by purchasing the book, because there are high school seniors right now in our high schools that will benefit from the scholarships in June. So far we have given close to $10,000 in scholarships to CHCCS seniors in the last three years, and we want to make sure to continue supporting these first generation students, especially now when we know so many of them have been forced to work extra hours to support their families during the pandemic.”

“‘Lenna's Gift’ presents an ideal exchange,” Garayua-Tudryn said. “When community members purchase the book for $20, they are not only supporting the work and the voices of our 40 Mariposas students from six different CHCCS schools who consistently worked for a year on creating the story and the illustrations for the book, but also they are at the same time supporting the Mariposas Scholarship Fund which offers support to other CHCCS students who want to make their dream of higher education a reality. It's a win-win!

Learn more about the creation of “Lenna’s Gift” and a December 2019 celebration of the Mariposas’ launch of the illustrated book, and then visit this page to place your order!