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Puerto Rican Artists Residency at FPG Bilingüe School

Chapel Hill, NC -- September 5th, 2018 -- It’s been almost one year since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Our FPGB school community will receive five artists and educators from our sister school in San Juan, PR- Escuela Arturo Morales Carrión- for a week-long residency that will use music, dance and expressive arts to teach our students and staff about the incredible power of resilience, voice and social justice.

     “How can we help?”

The collaboration between both schools was born last November 2017 with a phone call to Escuela AMC’s Principal Camila Arroyo and a simple question from our staff at FPGB, “How can we help?” Reeling from the devastation and still living in the post-hurricane chaos, Escuela AMC’s Principal Arroyo did not hesitate to enthusiastically embrace the opportunity for collaboration. The FPG Bilingüe community jumped into action and fundraised. A few months later a group of nine FPGB educators including Principal Emily Bivins visited Escuela AMC to personally meet students, staff and parents, and deliver over $3,000 to help replace some of the materials lost as a result from the hurricane.

     A Friendship is Born

It was clear from the moment both groups of educators met in person that the partnership would NOT be a one way exchange between both schools. Principal Emily Bivins wanted to ensure the Puerto Rican educators had the opportunity to share their expertise, experiences and talents with her FPGB school community- a true cultural and knowledge exchange.

A celebration to honor the human spirit

This September 24th, 2018, five Puerto Rican artist-educators will start a week-long residency at FPG Bilingüe where they will work daily with students and staff to elevate the themes of resilience, voice and social justice through the power of creative expression and music. The Puerto Rican team will hold teacher workshops on integrating voice, resilience and social justice in their practice. The residency will culminate with a student performance during the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration on Friday September, 28th at 5pm at FPG Bilingüe.