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Health & Immunization Requirements: Important Information for Parents

Students are required by North Carolina (NC) State law to have an up-to-date immunization record indicating that they have received the required immunizations to attend school in NC. This immunization record is due on the first day of attendance at school. Additionally, a Health Assessment is needed on entry to NC public schools for the first time. If proof of the required immunizations and NC Health Assessment is not provided within 30 calendar days after school entry, students will be excluded from school until the documentation is received. Please submit these records to your school nurse. You can locate information on who your school nurse is HERE

Students entering Kindergarten, 7th grade, and 12th grade have additional immunizations that are needed.

For questions, parents should contact their primary care provider or the local health department as both know exactly what is needed to get students immunized before school starts on August 29, 2022.

Parents have 30 calendar days from their child's first day of school to provide this information. On the 31st day, students without a complete immunization record and/or HA on file will be excluded until it is received. 
For students who start on August 29, 2022, the first day of school, the 30th day is September 27, 2022. Please ensure all records are submitted on or before this date to avoid your student being excluded from school on September 28, 2022.
For further information regarding the law, Immunization NC GS_130A-155 and Health Assessment GS 130A-440
For further information regarding the requirements for school, Immunization requirements
For further information regarding exemptions, Religious | Medical