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New-to-District Students: Summer Testing Window

The following information is for families interested in LEAP placement for their students. If students have previously tested for AIG in our district, they are not eligible to participate in the August window.


  • Students MUST be formally registered in CHCCS prior to July 17, 2020

  • Please reference the Elementary Nomination Form or Middle School Nomination Form that includes criteria for nominating students for AIG Testing and LEAP placement

  • Interested families should submit the Nomination Form with supporting documentation by July 17, 2020

  • If your student has testing accommodations documented on an IEP or 504, you must submit this information with the nomination form

  • Submit nominations to the Coordinator for Gifted Services, Camille House

  • Aptitiude and achievement assessments will be administered on July 21and July 22.  Both dates are required.

  • Specific details about testing times and location will be sent to parents prior to July 21

See LEAP: Information for New-To-District Families and the LEAP Qualifying Scores Table: August for additional information about testing