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Gratitude for Departing Board Members' Service

Three departing BOE members

Departing CHCCS Board of Education members Dr. Jillian La Serna, Deon Temne and Dr. Ashton Powell, were honored for their service at the Thursday, Nov. 16 meeting.

La Serna, Temne and Powell joined the Board in 2019. At the meeting Chair Rani Dasi presented them with a plaque commemorating their years of service. Chair Dasi, Vice Chair Dr. George Griffin, Riza Jenkins, Mike Sharp and Superintendent Dr. Nyah Hamlett then took turns sharing tributes and memories.

Dr. Hamlett had chosen a CHCCS core value that she associated with each outgoing Board member: “Wellness” and “Joy” for Powell, “Social Justice Action” for Temne and “Engagement” for La Serna. 

Dr. Hamlett said to La Serna, “You have brought such deep education experience to the Board. It was very refreshing for me as a brand new superintendent to come on and be able to work with a board chair who spoke my language as an educator. She was so helpful for me to get through my first year and navigate the challenges, not just of a global pandemic, but serving as a first year superintendent in a pandemic.”

Chair Dasi, in her remarks about Powell, said, “I am so grateful for how you brought your teaching experience and deep passion for centering mental health and how we think about the whole child. You consistently encouraged us to consider that in all of our decisions and conversations.”

Dr. Griffin said of Temne, “I learned so much from him as chair. One thing you consistently told me is, ‘We’re seven independent people with our own conclusions and viewpoints and you consistently taught us to just vote your conscience.’ As we talked about issues, you’ve always stood by your convictions.”

Temne read aloud a message he wrote for all CHCCS students. “Embrace the power of curiosity and knowledge. Seek answers relentlessly and question everything as if your life depended on it. In doing so, you will unlock doors to endless discovery, innovation and empowerment.” BOE November 2023

Thank you to all three members who will now move on to other adventures and journeys. Your service has enriched our community!

Newly elected Board members will be sworn-in at the Thursday, Dec. 7 meeting.