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Carrboro Elementary Hosts Math Night for Families

On Wednesday night, January 22, the halls and classrooms of Carrboro Elementary School (CES) bustled with so many engaging math activities, even a numerophobe could have had a blast. The hour long event was divided into two sessions to allow families to explore different grade levels of math information and creativity.

CES family math night teacher “It was a lot of fun, and we had a great turnout,” said Mindy Morton, CES Math/Science Specialist. “We have had a couple of Math Nights in the past, but it isn't a yearly event. This year we switched things up a bit by focusing on games that students can play with their families to practice math skills. The teachers also prepared flyers informing the parents of the remaining skills to be taught this year.”

Teachers from each grade level hosted sessions with their students and families to explain the math topics they will be teaching during the third and fourth quarters. The teachers also made sure they had plenty of resources about those topics to share with families. Students were invited to take the lead as they showed adults how to play different grade-level appropriate math games together. All attending families were provided with the instructions and supplies for each game, so they will be able to play together throughout the winter while practicing math skills.

One parent shared, “Thank you to all the math teachers who stayed late and showed my little one how math can be fun!  We were playing the Mad Math card game throughout dinner late last night.”

Another said, “I just stood back and let my daughter figure things out. The ‘What Do You Notice’ boards were challenging!”

One of the CES teachers added, “It was so much fun. It was a beautiful event.”