• 3rd Grade Supply List - 2019-2020

    We will put supplies in a community stack and use as needed.  Please do not label items!

    •  4 wide ruled composition notebooks (the ones with the black and white covers)
    • Pencils - #2HB  (about 2 dozen) Please bring them all with you.  NO mechanical pencils!

    • 1 highlighter

    • 1 pair of ear buds or headphones (please label student’s name)


    • 1 backpack for keeping it all together (If you have not yet purchased a backpack, please do not buy the rolling kind; they take up a lot of room in cubbies and in the class.

    • 3 boxes of tissues (cold weather is coming!)

    • Eraser toppers

    • 2 dry erase markers (black preferably)

    • A healthy snack each day (fruit, crackers, etc...nothing with chocolate) for midmorning

      Wish List Items (optional)

      • Hand sanitizer
      • Extra glue sticks
      • Post-it notes (small and medium)
      • Clorox wipes or spray cleaner
      • Extra recess equipment(balls, jump ropes, deck of cards…etc)
      • Liquid hand soap