Smith Middle After School Schedule and Information

  • The After School Program will begin on October 2nd.
    Applications can be downloaded or picked up in the Smith main office.
    All applications should be returned by September 4th.

  • Weekly Schedule

    Monday-Thursday from 3:15-5:30pm


    • Students gather in their assigned classroom
    • Attendance is taken

    3:30-4:00: Physical Activity Time


    • Monday: Homework/Academic Enrichment
    • Tuesday: Enrichment Activity (Art and Life Program from UNC)
    • Wednesday: Homework/Academic Enrichment
    • Thursday: Homework; Binder Check


    • Monday: Enrichment and Cleanup
    • Tuesday: Cleanup and Homework
    • Wednesday: Enrichment and Cleanup
    • Thursday: Enrichment and Cleanup
  • After School Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What activities will my child participate in during After School?

    Enrichment.  We consider your student’s current math and reading abilities by meeting them at their level.  Students will engage in personalized activities designed to help them show growth in these areas.

    Organization.  Homebase instructors will work with their assigned students weekly: to keep them up to date on assignments and to keep their school binders and material organized.

    We will have Community Programs: The Art and Life program from UNC; TABLE Snack Chef, which presents and leads the students in different activities.

    Homework time will be provided.  Smith Middle Staff are our employees and will be there to assist students.

    Homebase Instructors?

    All Homebase Instructors are all current Smith Middle Staff.

    My child wants to also participate in clubs and/or sports. Can they be in both?

    Yes.  The child must check-in with their Homebase instructor before heading down to their extracurricular activities.  On game days, athletes do not need to sign in.

    Does my child need to bring a snack?

    No.  Snacks will be provided daily.  If your child wishes to bring extra snacks, they may; however, we do ask that the snacks are healthy in nature.

    What happens if I want to pick my child up before the program ends for the day?

    You will need to come to your child’s Homebase room and sign them out.  Please provide prior notice, if someone other than a parent is picking up the child.

    I can’t pick them up.  Will there be transportation available?

    Yes.  There will be a bus that takes students home at the end of each program day (5:30pm).

    Where do I go to pick my child up at the end of the program each day?

    The front of the school (the office side, not the cafeteria side); about 5:30 each day.  Please be prompt.

    How do I know if the program is canceled for the day?

    If we know about the cancellation beforehand, the information will be included in the Sunday Evening Phone call to parents.  Cancellations will also be announced during both the school’s morning and afternoon announcements.

    Please note that on any day that school is not in session for students we will not meet.

    Wait, I still have questions (i.e. an after school concern/issue, etc. ...).  Who do I contact?

    Site Coordinator: Danielle Parker ​(