Flyer Distribution Overview

  • The following document outlines the district's process for flyer distribution via Peachjar from outside organizations. 
    Please note that our Board Policy does not allow the distribution of commercial advertising or other information from for-profit organizations to our students. For details about what kind of information the district will distribute to students/parents, please see the Board Policy 5210 section in the document below.

Procedures for Distributing Materials to CHCCS Students

  • Effective February 2015, CHCCS began partnering with Peachjar to distribute all publications to our families.

    What does that mean?
    Each school has a Peachjar button on its website.  All approved flyers - both from outside vendors and the school/district - appear on this site.  The site can be viewed chronologically as flyers are approved, or families can search by category.

    For Families
    Families no longer receive hard copy materials from outside organizations.  Instead, families receive emails from periodically throughout the week, replacing all the hard copies with e-copies.  To make sure emails are received, please add to the families’ email contacts.

    This e-flyer format  saves school staff hours of time that was once spent putting flyers into students’ folders.  It is also a green alternative to printing the thousands of flyers sent through school backpacks each year.

    The district and schools continue to send some things home to families hard copy, but may also post them on the school’s Peachjar site for easy reference.

    It is important for families to know that Peachjar does not share email addresses with anyone or use it other than for distributing approved materials.

    For Organizations
    There is a cost involved for organizations to upload to Peachjar.  To see their pricing, click here.  In general, the cost of distributing an e-flyer to CHCCS schools is less than the printing cost.

    To have materials approved:

    • Read the Board Policy to make sure an organization's flyer meets the Board of Education’s criteria.
      • Please Note:  CHCCS does not allow for-profit organizations to distribute materials to its students.  Proof of non-profit status is required.
    • Go to Peachjar.
    • Register as an Enrichment or Community Organization
    • Upload your flyer for approval.
      • Flyers must be in pdf format and can be multiple pages.
      • If an organization has their publication in both English and another language (i.e. Spanish, Chinese, Karen, etc.), please combine the flyers into one pdf to avoid multiple charges for essentially the same flyer.  Due to its diverse population, CHCCS encourages organizations to provide their information in multiple languages.

    Once a flyer is uploaded through the Peachjar site, it will automatically be submitted to the Communications Division for review.

    Please note if a study is involved:  Any organization who wants to distribute a flyer that includes conducting a study, the study must be pre approved by Diane Villwock, executive director of assessment and research.  Before uploading a flyer to Peachjar, please email Dr. Villwock at  All study flyers will be held and remain unapproved until Dr. Villwock has approved the study.

    All flyers are approved and distributed within four (4) school days of upload.  Please do not follow-up with an email to see whether or not a flyer has been received and/or approved.

    Once a flyer is approved or not by CHCCS, vendors receive approval via Peachjar.