Two Decades of Diversity: Global Connections Night 2023

  • April 27th 6-8pm at Smith Middle School

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Where do we Park?
    Parking is free at both the front and back entrances of Smith, but limited, so carpooling is recommended. Additional parking is available at Unity Center of Peace Church at the intersection of Seawell School and High School Road. Follow the sidewalk and signage to walk to Smith. Please DO NOT park at Chapel Hill High or Seawell Elementary. 
    Is the event free?
    Yes! There is no fee to attend the event! Some exhibits, such as the Spanish Cafe, will be selling items. Bring cash if you would care to make purchases. The Food Trucks are NOT free. 
    What about meal packing with Rise Against Hunger?
    The meal packing portion of the event with Rise Against Hunger is postponed until Fall 2023. Any donations made will be rolled over to the future event. Next school year, we will let you know when and how you can sign up to volunteer for the meal packing event. If your student will be moving onto high school next year, no worries! Everyone will be welcome at the Rise Against Hunger event Fall '23.
    Can we bring older/younger siblings, or other family members? 
    Yes! This is a community event. All are welcome, regardless if they currently attend Smith. There will be lots of fun activities for children and adults of all ages. 
  • Event Program


    6:30 Flag Ceremony: Students, Families and Staff

    6:50 Bollywood Dance group: Student Dancers

    7:00 Batala Durham Drum Ensemble

    7:30 Bollywood Dance group: Student Dancers

    7:35 Batala Durham Drum Ensemble 


    Main Hallway Attractions

    Outside Auditorium: Make Your Own Flag: My Story is My Flag

    Main Hall: Anti-Hate Speech Stained Glass

    Library: Environmental Club Conservation Tips and Art Show/Contest 


    6th Grade Hall: Americas & Pacific Islands 

    Classroom 121 Hawaii

    Classroom 123 Argentina

    Classroom 136 Mexico 


    7th Grade Hall: Europe

    Classroom 222 England

    Outside Classroom 222 May Day Table $

    Classroom 223 Lithuania

    Classroom 235 Italy

    Classroom 240 Jewish Culture

    Classroom 241 Germany

    Classroom 309 Romania

    Classroom 310 The Netherlands


    8th Grade Hall: Africa and Asia

    Classroom 509 Vietnam

    Classroom 513 Student Baking Competition

    Classroom 522 India

    Classroom 523 Kenya


    Electives Hall: Cultural Cuisines

    Classroom 411 Spanish Cafe $

    Classroom 427 French Maison de Thé (Tea House) $

    Classroom 424 Taste of Jamaica


  • Global Connections Logo 23 by 8th grader Sophia Wang

An illustration of the Earth smiling and wearing a sash that promotes unity and tolerance
  • Food Trucks will be located in the back parking lot near the cafeteria

  • If you need assistance finding an exhibit, check in with one of our friendly volunteers. There will be signs posted at the entrance to each hall and outside each classroom. Have a great evening!