Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many students go to VLA?

    VLA can accept up to 100 students.

    How many teachers are there?

    Currently, VLA has six teachers.

    How will students receive their instruction?

    Students will receive instruction during live, synchronous classes on Google Meet.

    What kind of technology do students need?

    Chromebook or Windows depending on courses.  

    What classes are offered at VLA?

    VLA Course List

    These are the current courses offered with live instruction in the 2021-22 school year; for 2022-23, we are hoping to offer social studies, science, and health / PE. If not, those courses will be offered through NCVPS.

    What if I want to take a class that VLA does not offer?

    Students can supplement additional courses and electives with NCVPS, which is a third party platform we use.  Students will work independently asynchronously meaning no live instruction.  Students will need to be self-motivated to be successful in NCVPS courses. 

    How long are classes?

    Classes are currently 60 minutes of live instruction followed by 25 minutes of small group or individual tutoring or acceleration.  

    What is the daily schedule?

    Current bell schedule

    We are hoping to have one asynchronous day added to the schedule.  

    Do VLA students have books and other materials?

    Some classes have e- textbooks and some may require additional materials. Students will be notified by their teachers if they need to pick up supplemental materials for their classes.

    Does VLA have support for ELL students?

    Yes, VLA has an ELL support teacher.

    Does VLA have support for EC students or students with a 504?

    Yes. VLA follows all federal and state requirements for students with disabilities.

    Do students ever have to meet in person?  If so, where?

    There will be pre-planned times where students will come in person.  This could be for additional academic support, SEL activity, group project etc. 

    Can students participate in athletics at their base school?

    Yes, students may participate in athletics at their base schools.

    Is there a year-long commitment for VLA?

    Yes, a student that joins VLA must commit to a full year.

    Can students participate in other extracurricular activities such as prom and clubs?

    Yes, students may participate in extracurricular activities at their base schools.

    Is VLA a stand-alone school?

    Yes, VLA is a stand-alone school.

     Will my student graduate from VLA or base school?

    All VLA students will graduate from VLA, not their base school.  This year only students were given an opportunity to graduate from their base school.  Now that VLA has its own stand alone school number, students will graduate from VLA.

     What constitutes a good candidate for online learning?

    Students enrolled in VLA (online learning) will be expected to be engaged in the lesson with cameras and microphones on at all times.  Because our classes are live instruction students would need to have a quiet place to have class each day.  Students are expected to be on-time each day and are also expected to remain in class until dismissed.  Excessive absences could lead to the termination of the program.  Students would need to be motivated and dedicated to this body of work.  They are expected to behave and dress appropriately as if they were in-person.  If your student can check each of the boxes listed above, then your student would be a good candidate for VLA.

     Are all students accepted to VLA?

    The criteria is embedded in the application.  The screening committee will take everything into consideration.  If you are currently a VLA your academic success will play a big role in being accepted for the 2nd year.  Our goal is to set each student up for success.  Online learning is not for everyone! 

     Will students and parents complete and sign a contract?

    Yes, all parents and students will complete and sign a contract after receiving your acceptance letter and participation in the information session.

    Can I change my mind after completing the application process?

    You will have ten days to withdraw from the program.