What parents and students are saying about VLA:

"I found myself more involved as a parent in monitoring my children and their homework. I am talking to my kids about their projects and more involved in teaching them early to take greater ownership for VLA responsibilities - being in class session on time; asking questions/participating; completing homework; studying/preparing for tests; etc"
"I enjoyed it. I felt good, and welcomed."
"The brightest highlights of our VLA experience is not worrying about the health of our children from day-today. Additionally, we can see and be involved in the educational experience with our children through this ever changing pandemic."
"We never had to worry about him getting covid. That's a huge deal given his medical situation. He also has tremendous anxiety about it, and so staying home erased all of his anxiety."
"I learned at my own pace. If I didn’t understand a leasson I could go back and reread it at anytime."
"I enjoyed seeing comments on Canvas. I also enjoyed watching my daughter learn to manage her own schedule. This way of schooling has allowed her time to also follow her passions outside of school in a unique way."
"My child loved being able to move at her own pace. She was able to get help when she needed it."
"I was more energized and more motivated (personally) to complete my assignments, than I was previously in school."
"It's been really great, and I would highly recommend to others who prefer online learning."
"Ms. Smoots was always helpful. She went above and beyond to assist me in setting up a schedule that would work with my dance training. Also, Ms. Smoots always answers questions and is very accommodating."
"I learned a lot about myself in this online experience."
"I was able to learn in a comfortable safe space which helped me to focus and pay attention with every assignment that I did."
"VLA gave me the flexibility that I need in my schedule."
"My child benefited from learning at VLA because it encouraged her to be more responsible and organized."
"Smaller classes meant my son could get more help from the teachers."