This page will be updated as information comes in pertaining to preparation and testing for EOG and EOC courses.




    • ABC Attestation App Information for ALL Students Coming on Campus (CLICK HERE)
    • Arrival time is 9:00-9:45.  We will begin testing once all students are in the rooms (9:45-10:00ish)
    • After May 21st, your student will not physically be present in the building unless the are testing.
      • On the days your student is not testing, they will log on for live, remote instruction. Google Meet links will be shared via Google Classroom.
      • Please send your student to school only on the days they are testing.
    • Testing can only happen in person on your student’s designated days. Testing will NOT occur remotely.  
    • If your student attends school four days a week in Cohort AB, they will take their tests on the assigned Cohort A days.
    • Student Test Training Advisory Lesson with Tutorial on NCTest System (CLICK HERE)


    Testing Information:


    • Materials to bring on test day: Completed ABC attestation, Charged School-Issued Chromebook, Chromebook charger, mask/face covering.
      • School breakfast and lunch will be provided, or you can pack and bring your own.
      • If you do bring a phone, it will need to be turned completely off and stored in a designated location during testing.
      • You may NOT use your own calculator for testing. There will be a digital one provided on the test to all students, as well as physical calculators if you choose.
      • You may bring a book to read after testing (if you choose). There will not be time to checkout library books during the morning of testing.
    • Video of Classroom Arrival/Test Login Procedures (CLICK HERE)
    • Starting May 19th, students should check their Advisory Google Classroom for their schedule.
      • Students may also use THIS FLOWCHART to tell what they will be doing each day.
    • NCTest Tutorial of Features (CLICK HERE)


    Other Information:


    • EOG Parent/Guardian Letter from District (CLICK HERE)
    • EOG Parent/Guardian Letter from Phillips (CLICK HERE)
    • EOC 2021 Scoring Adjustment Information (CLICK HERE)
    • ELA Delayed Scoring Letter (CLICK HERE)


    Please email Tiffany Cheshire (tcheshire@chccs.k12.nc.us) with any questions!