Student Reassignment, 2021-22

  • Overcrowding in certain schools, program options, and recent legislation reducing K-3 class size, combined with the need to balance academic performance, socioeconomic indicators, and demographics require a plan to reassign students for the 2021-22 school year.

    No reassignment plans will be put in place without many opportunities for public input and participation. Community input sessions will be held at Lincoln Center and at sites throughout the district. They will be listed on the Reassignment Calendar and Documents page.

  • What are the goals of this reassignment project?
    The committee will be charged with developing recommendations for reassignment that include: 



    People    Scales

    Efficiently using all available space.

    Meeting state-mandated K-3 class size requirements.

    Addressing overcrowding at the middle school level.

    Balancing priorities for equitable schools.